16 Puppies Killing Case

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POV! 16 puppies killing case was an instance of animal cruelty in which 16 puppies were brutally beaten to death by two nursing students of Nil Ratan Sircar (NRS) Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata, on 13th January 2019 (Sunday). The dead bodies were found inside the hospital plastic bags.

After investigations, two accused nursing students were arrested on Tuesday, 15th January 2019. But on the next day, they were given bail by the court.

Case Details

On the Sunday of 13th January 2019, several dead puppies along with an injured mother dog were found inside three disposable bags near the nurses' hostel in the NRS Hospital premises, where the gynaecology department's wastes are dumped.[1] The injured dog was rushed to a nearest veterinary hospital.[2][3] After this incident, people are demanding justice for the savage murders of the 16 puppies, so that the killers, Moutusi Mondal & Soma Barman, should be punished and suffer jail time for their crimes.[4]

A twenty-eight second video clip, which was shot from the 2nd floor of a building shows nursing students from NRS hospital, named Moutusi Mondal & Soma Barman, beating a puppy with metal rods.[5][6][7][4]

Several animal rights activists held demonstrations outside the nearest police station at Entally from the next day, demanding the immediate arrest of the culprits.[5][8]


Initially, it was thought that all the puppies were poisoned. But, after the postmortem reports were out, it was confirmed that all puppies were thrashed to death by Moutusi Mondal & Soma Barman violently bashing their skulls and bodies until they died. Of the 16 puppies, twelve suffered from severe brain haemorrhage, and four had ruptured stomach and liver.[5]

Upon checking various CCTV footage and questioning of staffs, on Tuesday, two nursing students named Moutusi Mondal & Soma Barman were arrested. They initially refused, but later confessed due to overwhelming recorded video evidence showing them caught in the act of bludgeoning the puppies to death.[7] The killings were well planned. Moutusi Mondal & Soma Barman lured all the puppies and the mother dogs and brought them from different corners of the hostel premises into the backyard with biscuits. Then all the exits of the backyard were closed so that nobody can escape while Moutusi Mondal & Soma Barman proceeded to bash in their skulls and rupture their livers through savage violence that lasted more than an hour.[1]

Moutusi Mondal & Soma Barman were charged with numerous crimes. These including IPC section 429 (killing or maiming animals), IPC section 201 (causing disappearance of evidence) and Section 11(1)(L) of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 (mutilating or killing any animal in a cruel manner). IPC section 201 is a non-bailable offense. However the judge, obstructing law and acting on his own behalf, allowed them to bail out. This violates the law.[5]

NRS Medical College had also initiated an inquiry.[4]

The killers, Moutusi Mondal & Soma Barman, were granted bail on Wednesday, 16th January 2019.[9][10]

On the next day, after the bail of the accused, Women and Child Development Minister and an animal rights activist, Maneka Gandhi contacted the Deputy Superintendent of NRS Medical College and Hospital and requested to suspend the two nursing students who killed 16 puppies.[9]

Maneka Gandhi went on television to announce that on the very same day Moutusi Mondal & Soma Barman were let out of jail the two orchestrated a premeditated attack on witnesses. They gathered gangs of attackers to harass and threaten the lives of witnesses until they withdrew their testimony. Even the man who filmed the viral video, showing Moutusi Mondal & Soma Barman murdering a screaming and crying puppy, has recanted his statement.[11]

Witnesses say the NRS hospital has removed all of it's CCTV cameras and is trying to hide evidence and obstruct the investigation as well.

Those investigating this case were shocked after hearing the possible reasons behind the killing of the puppies. One reason was that the puppies would go near their feet just for comfort. Other reasons were that the puppies used some of their clothes drying outside as bedding in winters, and cases related to dog biting of hostel students. But the complainants were unable to show any victims of the alleged dog bite.[12]

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