1892 South Bend High School football team

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Original short description: "American High School football team"

Template:Infobox college sports team season The 1892 South Bend High School football team was an High school football team that represented South Bend High School in the 1892 football season. The team played at least one recognized game, losing to Notre Dame 0 to 56.[1] They also played an interschool game between the Euglossian and Cleosophic football teams on South Bend HS' field day. There were several contests that might have been played, but were not confirmed by any newspapers or extra sources. On September 17th, the South Bend Tribune wrote of a game scheduled against the "South End" football team shortly after Field day (which was held October 8[2]), and also of a proposed matchup against LaPorte High School on Thanksgiving. Later in the season, Goshen High School was also considered for a Thanksgiving Day game, but neither game was mentioned in any sources on the day.[3] On November 19th it was announced that the South Bend High Schoolers would drop football for the year. A picture of the football team was taken in December of 1892, but it has not been found.[4]


South Bend High School Class Day 1892

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