1941 Junker Ju 88 crash in Nadur

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Date 18 December 1941
Cause Shot down
Site Wied Bingemma, Nadur
Crew 3
Deaths 1
Plane Ju 88 A-4

The Plane

The Ju 88 was a twin engine combat aircraft generally used as a bomber. The one that crashed had 2 Jumo 211 J-1 engines which took the aircraft to speeds of up to 510 km/h or 317 mph. The plane could take up to 1,400 kg or 3,100 lbs of bombs. To protect itself the plane had 5 trainable machine guns.

The Accident

Nobody really knows for sure where the plane was when it was shot. However people suggest that the plane was severely damaged over Malta and the plane flew across the channel between Malta and Gozo. The plane crashed at around 11:30 am in a valley in Nadur known as Wied Bingemma. The tail section broke off the aircraft during the crash landing and the plane took one final spin before grinding to a halt. One of the crew died and the other two were injured and taken to a local hospital. This day a wing of this very aircraft can be found at the Malta aviation museum.

Other crashes in Gozo

The Ju 88 A-4
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