2016 Winter Session of Indian Parliament

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Parliament of India

Template:Politics of India 2016 Winter Session of Indian Parliament started on 16 November 2016 and ended on 16 December 2016.[1] This was the 10th Session of 16th Lok Sabha and 241th Session of Rajya Sabha. The Winter session of Indian Parliament 2016, was a near washout session, with legislative business and Question Hour productivity the lowest of the previous fifteen years of Parliamentary sessions,[2] with disruptions in Parliamentary proceedings, chaos and protests. On the last day of the winter session, Rajya Sabha Chairperson Hamid Ansari and Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan expressed concerns for the loss of legislative business, and work hours, due to chaos during the sittings of sessions.[3] The Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha were adjourned sine die on 16 December 2016.

Sessions of Indian Parliament

The Parliament of India, holds three sessions each year, for legislative business.

  • Budget session: February to May.
  • Monsoon session: July to September.
  • Winter session: November to December

2016 Winter session

The session started on 16 November 2016 and continued until 16 December 2016.[4][5][6] Normally the winter session would start in the third or fourth week of November, but the 2016 session had a later session date.


The Lok Sabha paid their respects to recently deceased members of the House and world leaders such as Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro, former President of Israel Shimon Peres and King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand.[7]

On 6 December 2016, both the Houses of Parliament paid tribute to Jayalalithaa and both Houses, were adjourned as a mark of respect to the late politician.Template:Cn

Rajya Sabha observed a moment of silence as a mark of respect for Cho Ramaswamy, and former Rajya Sabha member V Ramanathan.Template:Cn


A unanimous resolution was taken by Lok Sabha on security issues of the Indian Parliament during the winter session, as a result of Bhagwant Mann creating a video from inside Parliament.Template:Cn


The winter session of 2016 witnessed accusations by political leaders including the President of India Pranab Mukherjee over disruption of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.[8] Prime Minister Narendra Modi accused the Opposition of not allowing him to speak in the House. Lal Krishna Advani alleged that the session was not able to proceed even for a day.[9] The ruling Government criticised the opposition's focus on the AgustaWestland scam and for not allowing discussion in Parliament. Ananth Kumar criticised the opposition for demeaning Government efforts to combat black money by being associated with black money transactions, referencing a sting operation on ministers, and political parties, the Indian National Congress, Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party.


There was almost a complete lack of consensus between the opposition political parties, during the first five days of the winter session,[10] resulting in an adjournment of both the Houses several times, on the issue of having a debate on the demonetisation as an unplanned move by the Narendra Modi Government, and Nagrota army base attacks.[11]

The Opposition protested against the Government, with sloganeering and uproars on 28 November 2016, demanding the presence of the Prime Minister in Parliament.[12] The Opposition also demanded that Prime Minister Narendra Modi should apologise to the Opposition, for accusing the Opposition of favouring black money.Template:Cn

On the first day of Rajya Sabha, Anand Sharma started a discussion of the Narendra Modi Government currency ban.[13][14]

The All India Trinamool Congress gave a notice in the Rajya Sabha to discuss the issue urgently, suspending legislative business under Rule 267 on November 16.[15]

Mallikarjun Kharge announced that the Indian National Congress was willing to debate the issue under Rule 56/ Rule 184 while the ruling party proposed to discuss it under Rule 193,[16][17] which does not entail voting.[18] The opposition rejected it.Template:Cn

Former Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh labeled the note ban initiative as "a monumental management failure" and a case of "organised loot and legalised plunder of common man" due to deaths and distress among the poor, farmers and small traders.[19][20][21][22][23]

The Opposition leader Ghulam Nabi Azad of Rajya Sabha raised an issue on 3 December 2016, on Indian army monitoring toll centres, in West Bengal. Ghulam Nabi Azad also raised an issue in Rajya Sabha for an obituary and homage (i.e. a demonstration of respect) to be observed in the Indian Parliament for Indian army officers who were killed in the terrorist attack at Nagrota.Template:Cn

On 8 December, 2016, the 16 day of the winter session, Lok Sabha managed to have legislative business, with debate, amid chaos in House.[24]

The Opposition raised concerns with sloganeering, on alleged corruption issues of Union Minister Kiren Rijiju related to the Arunachal Pradesh hydal project.Template:Cn

Tabled Bills

The bills tabled in the Lok Sabha in the winter session were.

Bills passed in Lok Sabha in winter session

On 29 November 2016, Taxation Laws (Second Amendment) Bill, 2016 , was passed, as a money bill in Lok Sabha. Amendments were likely to be made to The Income-tax Act, 1961.[25][26] After a customary passage through Rajya Sabha, the bill was intended to form the new Income Tax Law for Taxations and penalties on black money holders. On 14 December 2016, Rajya Sabha passed the The Rights of Persons with Disabilities Bill, 2014 with a discussion in the House, and passed by Lok Sabha.


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