2018–19 Football Superleague of Kosovo table

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{{#invoke:Sports table|main|style=football |template_name=2018–19 Football Superleague of Kosovo table |source=Football Federation of Kosovo Template:Al icon

|team1=BALL |team2=DRE |team3=DRI |team4=KEK |team5=LIR |team6=LLA |team7=PRI |team8=T89 |team9= |team10= |team11= |team12=

|result9=RPO |result10=RPO |result11=REL |result12=REL

|update= |win_BALL=0 |draw_BALL=0 |loss_BALL=0 |gf_BALL=0 |ga_BALL=0 |status_BALL= |win_DRE=0 |draw_DRE=0 |loss_DRE=0 |gf_DRE=0 |ga_DRE=0 |status_DRE= |win_DRI=0 |draw_DRI=0 |loss_DRI=0 |gf_DRI=0 |ga_DRI=0 |status_DRI= |win_KEK=0 |draw_KEK=0 |loss_KEK=0 |gf_KEK=0 |ga_KEK=0 |status_KEK= |win_LIR=0 |draw_LIR=0 |loss_LIR=0 |gf_LIR=0 |ga_LIR=0 |status_LIR= |win_LLA=0 |draw_LLA=0 |loss_LLA=0 |gf_LLA=0 |ga_LLA=0 |status_LLA= |win_PRI=0 |draw_PRI=0 |loss_PRI=0 |gf_PRI=0 |ga_PRI=0 |status_PRI= |win_T89=0 |draw_T89=0 |loss_T89=0 |gf_T89=0 |ga_T89=0 |status_T89=

|name_BALL=Ballkani |name_DRE=Drenica |name_DRI=Drita |name_KEK=KEK |name_LIR=Liria |name_LLA=Llapi |name_PRI=Prishtina |name_T89=Trepça'89

|show_limit=3 |class_rules=1) Points; 2) Goal difference; 3) Goal scored; 4) Head-to-Head points; 5) Head-to-Head goal difference; 6) Head-to-Head away goal scored; 7) Head-to-Head goal scored; 8) Play-offs (only if needed to decide champion or teams for relegation).

|res_col_header=QR |col_REL=red1 |text_REL=Relegation to First Football League of Kosovo |col_RPO=red2 |text_RPO=Qualification for the relegation play-offs


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