2019 Belgian F-16 crash

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Template:Infobox military conflict The 2019 Belgian F-16 crash was an incident when a Belgian F-16B jet took off in Belgium with a mission going to Lorient. However it crashed before it reached the city.


On the morning of 19 September 2019, a Belgian F-16B jet took off in Florennes, Belgium.[1] The jetfighter had the mission to go to the airbase at Lorient as a practice flight. After a one-hour-and-eight-minute flight, the pilots had (for unknown reasons) problems with the engine.[2] One of the crewmen tried to restart the engine.[2][3] At 10:33 the Belgian defence received emergency warnings of the use of both ejection seats. According to an eyewitness at the RTBF before the crewmen used their ejection there was a big flame following thick black smoke was coming out the plane.[4] Soon after the aircraft flew Template:Cvt above the ground,[1] with a speed of Template:Cvt[2] the men used their ejection seat, one of them landed safely and the other one got stuck on a 250,000-volt high-voltage line.[3][5] Local media claims he died at that moment, this was denied and it was later comfirmed that the pilot was still alive.[6] After they left the jet hit (with one of its wings) at least one house's roof and facade in Pluvigner east of Lorient[7][8] at 10:38 local time,[9] it crashed Template:Cvt from the house into the neighbouring farm field.[8] The crash was Template:Cvt from the city of Lorient.[3] After the crash the jet exploted once at 10:45 and the second one follows too in a short time.[10] Both explosions caused a fire which destroyed or damaged a garden, a shed, some trees and parts of a maize field.[10] Emergency crews arived soon after, according to the local authorities 100 police officers,[9][11] 40 firefighters, 20 rescue vehicles,[12] a Hawkeye aeroplane and an NH90 helicopter were deployed.[13] At 11:15 the crisiscel was established and a no fly zone of Template:Cvt en Template:Cvt high, and a 500-metre security perimeter were set up.[14] Eight houses with their 15 residents were evacuated.[11] According to Le Télégramme the smell of paraffin and explotion danger was active in the region.[15] At 11:45 the Belgian Air Component confirms the incident.[13] Firefighters try to deal the fire and the blaze from the plane.[7] While the power line was shut down[3] to free the hanging pilot at around 13:00.[1] Both pilots had minor injuries and they were together with the lady (of the damaged house) taken to a hospital for some medical checks. No other casualties were reported.[16]


After the crash, the investigations were started by the French Police,[5] joined by a Belgian group of air safety investigators.[17] The next morning a road to Landaul was re-opened.[18] A couple hours later the 500-metre security perimeter was halved to Template:Cvt[19]


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