2019 Gabriola Island crash

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Template:Infobox aircraft occurrence On the evening of December 10, 2019 a small airplane on instrument approach to Runway 16 of Nanaimo Airport (YCD),[1][2][3] with three people on-board,[4][5] crashed into Gabriola Island, British Columbia, Canada, in dense fog.[6][7][8][9] After experiencing a "system/component failure or malfunction [non-powerplant],"[5] the plane crashed into the northwest corner of the island between Decourcy Drive and the shoreline.[1][10] According to witnesses, a large explosion accompanied the crash and shook homes in the area.[6][7][11][12] In addition to the island's local fire department and two ambulances being dispatched,[13] an additional 6 ambulances - including advanced life support units[6] - were sent on the next available ferry from Nanaimo, and the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre Victoria was activated.[11] The Canadian Coast Guard was also dispatched and arrived near the scene in a hovercraft,[10][12] along with two boats from the Nanaimo Port Authority.[10][14]

The Gabriola Royal Canadian Mounted Police assumed control of the scene upon arrival.[7] Shortly after the crash occurred, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police issued a statement that there were no survivors.[12][11][15] The Transportation Safety Board of Canada was notified around 7pm PDT[6][7] and announced that three investigators will be on-scene December 11.[7][15][16] The BC Coroners Service is now in the "preliminary" stages of investigation.[7] In a joint statement by the RCMP and BC Coroners Service it was announced that the RCMP will maintain control of the site until TSB investigators arrive on scene.[17][18] They will not be releasing any more information at this time.[19][20] New information is expected to be released once the TSB has arrived and had time to review the wreckage.[2]

Information discovered by the Vancouver Sun indicated initially that it was potentially a twin-engine Piper Aerostar heading north from the United States.[11][21] The TSB confirmed the following morning that it was a "twin-engine propeller aircraft."[22][23] The following Saturday it was confirmed by TSB that the plane was a Piper PA-60-602P that crashed after experiencing a "system/component failure or malfunction [non-powerplant]."[5] The Transportation Safety Board of Canada has since concluded the "field phase" of the investigation and has removed the wreckage. Further investigation is underway and will conclude with a formal report.[5]


While no official word has yet been released regarding the number of casualties, the Gabriola RCMP and the BC Coroners Service have stated that all aboard the plane were deceased.[15] Friends of the pilot have identified him as 61-year-old Alex Bahlsen, an ex-flight test examiner for Transport Canada, owner of a flight school, and grandson of Hermann Bahlsen.[24] Bahlsen volunteered with the registered charity, Pilots N Paws Canada Animal Rescue, to fly rescue animals across the country.[25]

It was confirmed on the following weekend that three people were on board the plane at the time of the crash: Alex Bahlsen and two unnamed passengers - a man and a woman.[5][26][27]

Aftermath and Investigation

A trauma support session for the residents affected in the wake of the crash was hosted two days later by the Regional District of Nanaimo.[28] The Transportation Safety Board investigation is ongoing and few details surrounding the crash have been announced.[22] The TSB has since moved to the analysis phase of its investigation, which will conclude in the release of a formal report on the accident.[5]


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