2019 Markham home massacre

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Original short description: "Murder of four family members"

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The 2019 Markham home massacre was the killing of four family members in Markham, Ontario on Sunday July 28, 2019. Menhaz Zaman, the 23-year-old son of two of the victims, is alleged to have slit the throats of his father, mother, grandmother, and sister while they slept. He has been charged with four counts of first-degree murder.[1]


Zaman attended and graduated from Bur Oak Secondary School in Markham, Ontario and would later attend one year at York University for Mechanical Engineering before eventually dropping out. Before the killings, he had professed atheism and made hostile comments against Islam and Muslims.[2] Zaman claimed in his online explanation that he started feeling "depressed" and apostatized to atheism after he began to fail his courses in his second semester of university. Zaman eventually dropped out of university after his first year, but did not inform his family, instead pretending to continue to attend school four days a week.[3] Zaman would spend his days at a mall, which was along the route to his former university or go to a community centre gym.[4] He would spend most of his time at the mall or at home playing Perfect World Void, a private server of the online game Perfect World, and talking with his online friends on Discord.[5]


In the early hours of July 28, 2019, York Regional Police received a call that multiple people were possibly injured in the Markham home from a member of the Discord chatroom where Menhaz had posted details of the incident.[5] When the police later arrived at the home around 3 p.m., they found a man, later identified as Menhaz Zaman, at the front door. He was later taken into custody.[6] It is believed that Zaman had slit the throats of his family members around midnight on Sunday July 28, the day of his supposed graduation, after having separately attacked them with a crowbar earlier.[5][7] The victims were Moniruz Zaman, 59; Momotaz Begum, 50; Firoza Begum, 70; and Malesa Zaman, 21.[8]

In his detailed messages, Zaman told his online friends, "First mom then granny then sister and lastly dad," he wrote. "I was shaking the entire day." The conversation ends when Zaman wrote "the police are here, goodbye." Later on, police would find out that he was very "depressed" and "sad" with his parents.[9]


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