2019 Pilatus PC 12 crash

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On November 30, 2019, a Pilatus PC-12/47E airplane crashed into the ground near the Chamberlain Municipal Airport at Chamberlain, South Dakota. The crash killed 9 people and seriously injured 3.


The airplane was a Pilatus PC-12 single-engine plane, which was not required to have a voice or flight data recorder.[1] The airplane was registered to Conrad & Bischoff Inc. and was operated as a personal aircraft by the pilot. The flight originated from Chamberlain Municipal Airport before the accident and destined for Idaho Falls Regional Airport, Idaho Falls, Idaho.[2]

There were twelve passengers on board the plane were aged from 7-years-old to 81-years-old.[3]


The passengers arrived via the plane on November 29, with freezing rain and snow being reported that day. Due to no empty hangers being available the plane remained outside until they were set to leave on November 30th, while there was a winter storm warning in effect.[4] The family members had flown to the area for a weekend hunting trip.[5]

Due to the small size of the Chamberlain airport, the family brought deicing supplies with them, and purchased more in town after they arrived.[4]


Of the twelve family members on board the aircraft, nine were killed, and three people were seriously wounded.[3] The President of wellness company Kyäni, released a statement naming the members of the family who died, which included the companies founders.[6]


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