2019 Sebring, Florida, shooting

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On Wednesday, January 23, 2019, at around 12:30 pm, five women Template:Ndash four employees and a customer Template:Ndash were shot and killed at the SunTrust Bank in Sebring, Florida. Zephen Xaver, age 21, is accused of murdering the five, after which he called police to report himself.[1]


At around 12:30 pm, a witness says he saw Zephen Xaver pacing back and forth inside the bank with five people lying side by side on the floor. Shots were later heard, and Xaver phoned the police and told responders that he had shot five people.[2] SWAT arrived, trying to negotiate to get the barricaded suspect to leave the bank, until they entered by ramming an armored vehicle through the glass front doors.[3] The suspect eventually surrendered.[4]

The lone survivor of the shooting was a bank employee who had been in the bank's break room just before Xaver walked in. The employee escaped out the back door when gunshots first rang out; after getting outside, he called 911.


  • Debra Cook, age 54
  • Marisol Lopez, age 55
  • Jessica Montague, age 31
  • Cynthia Lee Watson, age 65
  • Ana Piñon-Williams, age 38[4]

Watson was a customer at the bank; the four other women were employees.


  • Zephen A. Xaver, age 21[3]

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