2020 Cleveland shooting

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On the night of March 7, 2020, motorcycle clubs had a shootout in Cleveland, Ohio, outside a building on East 93rd Street where the Omens Motorcycle Club was hosting an anniversary.[1][2][3]


The night of the shooting the Omens Motorcycle Club hosted an anniversary party at a club house, on East 93rd Street between Reno and Way Avenues, which is the clubhouse for the Cleveland Lyfers. Other motorcycle clubs were represented at the party such as the Zulus and the Wheels of Soul.[4] During the party a fight broke out, which caused some individuals to be kicked out of the party, and some returned around 11:30 pm and opened fire upon other attendees, which was returned by the attendees.[5] A City official told reporters that between four or five motorcycle clubs were present for the shooting but he would not identify any of the clubs.[6]

The incident was documented by surveillance cameras on the property and at nearby locations.


When police arrived on the scene they found the body of a 48-year-old man. The deceased has been identified as a member of the Omens Motorcycle Club.[7] 17 injured people had been taken to local hospitals.[5] Injuries ranged from minor to serious, with some of the injured being transported to MetroHealth and University Hospitals.[4]


After the shooting, many of the community took to social media and labeled the clubs as "gangs" and outlaw bikers depicted in pop culture, which caused current and former members to speak out claiming the depiction is false. A former president of the Omens Motorcycle Club, which was hosting the anniversary party stated that many of the clubs were family and community oriented groups focused on camaraderie and being active in the community.[7]


Cleveland City Councilman Kevin Bishop, told media that he was "outraged" over the shooting in his ward and was concerned about retaliation from other motorcycle clubs and urged for police response.[4] He also offered condolences to the family of the man killed in the shooting.[6]

Law enforcement and city officials have planned to meet with leadership from area motorcycle clubs in order to prevent retaliation.[6]


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