2020 Norway riots

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On 29 August 2020, violent riots and clashes broke out between anti-Islam protesters and Islam supporters in the Norwegian city of Oslo which lasted for about two hours.[1][2] The situation came to a head when a female member of the Norwegian far-right wing group Stop Islamisation of Norway (SIAN) ripped pages from the Quran and spat on them, news agency NTB reported.[3] The woman, who has previously been charged and acquitted of hate speech, told counter-protesters: "Look, now I will desecrate the Quran." The incident occurred coincidentally a day after which similar type of riots took place in Sweden.[4] Protests and demonstrations between anti-Islam protesters and Islam supporters turned out to be violent after the SIAN member's aforementioned action on the Quran.[5] The demonstrations against Islam were organised by SIAN.[6]

Protesters gathered outside the Parliament of Norway and Clashes then erupted, with counter-protesters throwing eggs at SIAN members and attempting to jump police barricades. Some counter-protesters also began kicking a police van and climbing on the hood of the vehicle. Authorities used pepper spray and tear gas to keep the rival groups apart, eventually ending the SIAN rally early. Police arrested 29 people, several of whom were minors, Norwegian public broadcaster NRK reported.[7]


It was reported that countless false claims and misinformation were shared about the riots in the social media. According to India Today, picture of a police car which was set on fire by rioters in USA as a part of Global Black Lives Matter protests which triggered due to the killing of George Floyd was falsely interpreted and related to the Norway riots by many social media users in Twitter. The picture went viral in Norway after the riots broke out, though it was unrelated to the riots.[8]

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