2022 Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters

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Template:Motorsport season The 2022 Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters is the thirty-sixth season of premier German touring car championship and also twenty-third season under the moniker of Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters since the series' resumption in 2000 as well as fourth season of "Class One" regulations era.

Rule changes for 2022

Technical regulations

  • The 2022 season will see the introduction of a newly-upgraded Formula One-style hybrid powertrain system for road vehicle relevance as it was announced by ITR e.V. chairman Gerhard Berger on 16 December 2019.[1] The engines, will known as "power units", will divide into six separate components: the internal combustion engine (ICE); turbocharger (TC); Motor Generator Unit-Kinetic (MGU-K), which harvested energy that would normally be wasted under braking; Motor Generator Unit-Heat (MGU-H), which collected energy in the form of heat as it was expelled through the exhaust; Energy Store (ES), which functioned as batteries, holding the energy gathered by the Motor Generator Units; and Control Electronics (CE), which included the Electronic Control Unit and software used to manage the entire power unit. The current second-generation 2000 cc inline-4 single-turbocharged DTM engines will remain in place for years - 2022 and beyond seasons until at least 2027 season - and the power output of hybrid-upgraded second-generation DTM engines will increase over 800 hp compared to previous current second-generation DTM engines that had 610 + of power output.[2][3] Cosworth Group is in the pole position to supply hybrid powertrain components for all Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters cars as a bidding of hybrid powertrain components supplier alongside Robert Bosch GmbH.[4]


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