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22 Weeks is a 2009 anti-abortion short film directed by Angel Manuel Soto, based on a 9-1-1 recording of a reported event, and on a 2005 WorldNetDaily article by Ron Strom. The article reported the accounts of a woman who sought a late term abortion, but the baby was born alive, dying approximately ten minutes later.[1]


In the EPOC abortion clinic in Orlando, Florida, Angela Mencer is presented with two options: to terminate her 22-week pregnancy through suction method, or an injection of digoxin into the fetal heart, followed by a still birth. She chooses the latter, believing the baby would not suffer by such means.

After the procedure, Angela meets pro-life activists outside the clinic. They make appeals to religion, to which Angela replies, “God was never raped”.

The next day Angela wakes up in her motel room bleeding. She returns to the abortion clinic, where she is left in a waiting room, later going into labor and giving birth on a toilet. Realizing her baby was born alive, Angela frantically seeks assistance from the clinic staff for her newborn son; however, the staff deny that the baby is alive and do not respond to Angela’s pleas for medical assistance for the baby. They lock Angela in the bathroom. Angela uses her cell phone to call her friend Sharon and tells her what has happened. Sharon calls 9-1-1, while Angela attempts to comfort the dying baby.

Paramedics arrive at the clinic, only to be turned away by clinic staff, who inform them that no one at their office called for medical assistance. The baby dies, approximately 10 minutes after birth.[1]


  • Natalie Wenninger as Angela Mencer
  • Lizzy Salazar as Sharon
  • Jackie McLeod as Receptionist
  • KC Green as Dr. Matter
  • Aaron Wenninger as Abortion Doctor
  • Debbie Perry as Nurse #1
  • Tracy LaGaurdia as Nurse #2
  • Brady Toops as EMT #1
  • Stephen Holmes as EMT #2
  • Theresa Huff as 911 Operator
  • Aaron Ala as Boyfriend
  • Nina Dombowski as Girlfriend
  • Henley Baldwin as Child in Dream


The film premiered in 2009, in Washington DC, the night before the 2009 March for Life rally. The initial showing was held at Union Station’s Phoenix Theatre.

Afterward, the woman whose account formed the basis of the WorldNetDaily article, on which the film was based, spoke with the audience and answered questions.[1]

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