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40 Point Plan is a 2012 American drama film written and directed by Eric W Williams.[1] The film is self distributed by 40 Point Productions, and made available through the film's website. The film claims to be the first "solutionmentary," a portmanteau of solution and documentary.[2][3][4][5][6] Another portmanteau offered is "futurementary" as the film explores a fantasy future where its proposed political, economic and technological ideas work to improve man's way of life.[7][8][9]


Set in 2017, TV news-magazine host David Potrero (Dave Nemeth) looks back at the major changes in America and the rest of 153 allied nations after the implementation of the 40 Point Plan five years earlier.[10] Throughout the movie, various (future) newscasters "read into reality" stories that reveal an alternative world enjoying the effects of plan. While set in the future, attention to real names makes the plan seem entirely possible.

At the core of the plan is the 2012 formation of the National Employment Corporation of America, led by a who's who of famous celebrity billionaires—a dream team of executives. NECA solves the unemployment problem by hiring millions of American workers to use an expanded version of real technological advances to build housing, provide water, grow food and sell its many American made products in its own superstores throughout the country and around the world.

In the film one third of NECA's profits go to the organization's charitable efforts, particularly the health care system. Many of the social ills affecting society are solved, not by the government, but by private enterprise.[11] What makes this corporation different is they incorporate "love" into their business model.[12]

The story is brought to life by interviews with people affected by NECA's development, including a NECA executive, Dr. Kelly Rivers (Tisha Rivera), a doctor in the medical program, Dr. Joe DelGado (Joe Comino), a food skytower owner Nathan Kuthbert (Nathan Kotzur) and a formerly homeless "success story" Valerie Sinclair (Christianne Christensen).



  • Dave Nemeth as David Portrero
  • Tisha Rivera as Dr. Kelly Rivers
  • Christianne Christensen as Valerie Sinclair
  • Joe Comino as Dr. Joe Delgado
  • Nathan Kotzur as Food Sky Tower Owner
  • Jenn Henry as Gloria Roberts
  • Mirella Acebo as News Anchor
  • Jennifer Dorogi as News Anchor
  • Felicity Wren as News Anchor
  • Laura Arias as News Anchor
  • Cammy Brickell as News Anchor (as Cammy Aguilar)
  • Josh DeLozier as News Anchor
  • Alicia Gentile as News Anchor
  • Sofia Marie Gonzalez as News Anchor
  • Chante Griffin as News Anchor
  • Mona Parsa as News Anchor
  • Nikisa Razban as News Anchor
  • Luke Steward as News Anchor
Voice actors
  • Staci Anderson as Voice Over Reporter
  • Brian Butler as Voice Over Reporter
  • Cindy Clifford as Voice Over Reporter
  • Hanna Dettman as Voice Over Reporter
  • Andray Johnson as News Anchor
  • Lawrence Lafave as Voice Over Reporter
  • Melissa LaFore as Voice Over Reporter
  • Stephanie Michaels as Voice Over Reporter
  • Alexis Papadopoulos as Voice Over Reporter
  • Rick Regan as Voice Over Reporter
  • Kim Somers as Voice Over Reporter
  • Kristi Stewart as Voice Over Reporter
  • Travis Turk as Voice Over Reporter
  • Paul Vailis as Voice Over Reporter
  • Gale Van Cott as Voice Over Reporter
  • Ed Weigle as Voice Over Reporter
  • Mike West as Voice Over Reporter
  • Rachel West as Voice Over Reporter

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Advocates of some of the suggested solutions from the movie have supported the plan.[13] Among those concepts are monolithic domes[14] built using robotic construction techniques,[15] vertical farms,[16] and universal education,[17] inspiring further discussion. The movie received favorable reviews from people who have seen it, suggesting politicians and leaders should see it. There are complaints about its limited distribution.[18][19] In an effort to improve distribution, the producers attempted to use new technological solutions.[20]




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