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8 Water is a artesian bottled water brand from New Zealand. The water is bottled at source and drawn from a depth of over 80 meters where water flows to the surface under its own pressure.[1][2]

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New Zealand Artesian Water

8 Water 500ml Still

New Zealand Artesian water ranks amongst some of the purest natural waters in the world. Template:Citation Needed The purity of New Zealand’s water is due to a combination of factors; New Zealand’s population is very sparse in the mountainous areas where the aquifers originate, and the absence of heavy industry meaning the water has minimal contamination from the external environment. For example, Canterbury’s population density is approx. 12 inhabitants per square kilometer of land.[3] As compared to London which has a population density of 5,491 inhabitants per square kilometer of land.[4] The aquifer 8 Water is sourced from is very pure, with total dissolved solids(TDS) of 89 mg/liter and a pH level of 7.7 making it one of the purest in the world.[5][6][7]


The water’s origin is via evaporation from the Southern Ocean resulting in precipitation over New Zealand’s mountain ranges, with consequent accumulation though the aquifers and surface flows that then is discharge into the South Pacific Ocean.[8] This cycle represents a renewable resource that can be sustainably harvested while having minimal environmental impact.