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AI and Environment is a body of projects involving AI methods (including machine learning and robotics) for environment and sustainability.

This is a timeline of artificial intelligence and environment projects.

To today

Date Development
1993 the First undersea robot to explore sub ice Antarctica leaves NASA Ames. Project coordinator Carol Stoker.[1]
1994 the First AAAI Workshop on AI and the Environment brings together 60 scientists, engineers and AI researchers who share work on fire fighting, toxic algae bloom prediction, biodiversity cataloging, weather monitoring, aggregating satellite data, etc.[2].
1995 the First IJCAI Workshop on AI and the Environment took place in Montreal, Canada. The international community of engineers and AI researchers shared work on creating sustainable systems with AI and other technologies.[3]
1998 the First ECAI Workshop on Binding Environmental Sciences and Artificial Intelligence(BESAI) (Cortés & Sànchez-Marrè, 1998) [4]
2000 Project Argo Float launches its first open ocean robot for data collection. Today there are close to 4000 floats. A map of robot locations and collected data is available to the public.[5]
2017 Project AI for Earth begins, a subproject of the United Nations platform AI for GOOD , centered around annual Global Summits. It fosters the dialogue on the beneficial use of Artificial Intelligence and Environment.
2018 Project Microsoft for Planet Earth begins.[6]