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Template:Infobox organization ALBOAN is the outreach arm of the Loyola Province of the Society of Jesus for development and social action. It was founded in 1996 but has roots in mission secretariats in San Sebastián, in Gujarat, India, and in the Far East. It is situated in the Basque country of Bilbao and Pamplona. In 2004 support for Fe y Alegría was incorporated into ALBOAN. In 2009 offices opened in all provincial capitals and Navarre, with headquarters in Vitoria.[1] ALBOAN undertakes development projects in countries in the southern hemisphere, as well as in autonomous region of Spain where it is situated.[2] It is highly involved in research and advocacy.[3][4]

At its twentieth anniversary celebration, the Basque president Iñigo Urkullu commented that ALBOAN was born for the "socialization of solidarity".and had helped to make Basque society "more humane, supportive and committed".[5][6]


ALBOAN, together with the Carmen Gandarias Foundation, has financed several projects. In Nicaragua between 2007 and 2009 modern technologies and the training of 120 teachers to use these technologies was subsidized for 20 schools. This included computers, printers, and audiovisual equipment. In Tchad in 2010, 8 schools with more than 2,500 students were refurbishing and equipped and teachers trained. In Colombia from 2011 to 2014, assistance was given for the education of more than 4,000 young people in five depressed regions of the country. Then from 2013 until 2016 assistance went to 26 rural schools with 750 students in the Amazonian region of Pucallpa, Peru.[7]

ALBOAN helped subsidize the work of organizations like the Jesuit Refugee Service, as in it efforts to assist displaced persons on the Colombian-Venezuelan border.[8] It gives widespread assistance to refugees and migrants.[9][10][11] ALBOAN's funds are supplemented through foundations like the Basque science foundation Ikerbasque.[12]

ALBOAN's projects in India include cooperation with AROUSE to train leaders in the Ranchi area who will help the people achieve autonomy and self-determination.[13] ALBOAN has been supporting rural cooperatives in the DRC for ten years, with very positive results.[14] ALBOAN cooperates with the government of Navarre for education projects in Spain and Nicaragua, assistance for indigenous communities in Colombia, and assisting in productivity among women in Peru.[15]

The research team at ALBOAN has published in areas like "Breaking the links between conflict and natural resources",[16][17] minerals regulation,[18][19] socio-cultural animation and citizen participation,[20] food security,[21] artisanal mining in Africa,[22] labour migration,[23] the global situation of women and children in forced migration,[24] nuclear decommissioning,[25] sustainable development.[26] It is an associate with Lund University in the Swedish South Asian Studies Network.[27] It also sponsors conferences, as on "Culture and Human Development in Africa."[28]


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