A Beautiful Life (Joi Cardwell album)

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A Beautiful Life is a compilation album by American singer Joi Cardwell. Released in Japan on May 7, 2007 by Geneon Entertainment and Rambling Records, the album contains a blend of electronica and dance remixes from the her previously released three albums The World Is Full of Trouble (1995), Joi Cardwell (1997) and The Plain Jane Project (2005) as well as previously released song along with new material. The album's name comes from the title-track, which was produced by Kazate "D.I.T.A." Takeuchi.


The album is a collection of remixes of Joi Cardwell and some new songs. It is notable for containing several re-record remixes. The first of these re-recorded remixes "Give It Up (Guitar Mix)" is present on this collection. Cardwell also recorded two songs; "A Beautiful Life" and "What Really Matters", which appear on the album.

"A Beautiful Life" was released as the lead single on May 2, 2007, in Japan.[1] The album charted at number two hundred thirty-three, after two weeks on the Oricon Albums Chart.[2] "Be Yourself", a song from Cardwell's previous album, was included on this album and released as a single on May 15, 2007.[3] A promo single of "Love is the Answer" was released to limited retailers on June 25, 2008.[4]

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