Aadamkhor (2018)

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Aadamkhor is 2018 Hindi language horror web film directed by Kshitij Sharma. This is based on 'Aadamkhor Hatayara' comic by Raj Comics.[1]


Four friends go out on a trip, to meet the father of a girl in the group. But soon, one by one, the girl's friends keep on getting killed by a mysterious man with a mask. The girl's prime suspect is the servant of the house. However, when she reads her father's secret diary, she gets to know that her father tried an experiment on the servant, to make him a man-hunter, which indeed, became successful.

She is devastated to know this, as the base for these crimes were set by her own father, whom she trusted so much. She hears a knock on the door, and it is indeed the Aadamkhor(man-eater). In the following heist, the servant is killed by the girl's father. Her father tried to kill her, but she soon escapes, and kills her father instead, for his wrongdoings.


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