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The Kerala state unit of the Aam Aadmi Party was constituted in 2013. AAP Kerala made its electoral debut in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections gaining about 5% of the total polled votes. C R Neelakandan is the State Convener since 3 January 2016. Adv. Somnath Bharti MLA is the National Executive member in charge of the state.


AAP Kerala was formed in 2013 in Ernakulam by then National Executive Members Prashant Bhushan and Christina Samy. The committee consisted of 16 members and 3 members in the Grievance Readdressal cell, lead by Mr. Manoj Padmanabhan as State Convener.[1]

After an year, a new committee formed as Mission Vistaar State Committee in October 2014 headed by Prof. Sarah Joseph, a well known writer and social activist in Kerala. The Mission Vistaar Committee was formed to strengthen the party base in the state and completed its tenure of one year by October 2015.

After submission of MV Committee resignation on completion of its tenure, Adv. Somnath Bharti MLA, the state observer of Mission Vistaar announced that the resignation of MV Committee is accepted and nominated Mr. C R Neelakandan as the new State Convener on 3 January 2016. C R Neelakandan is one of the most welcomed face among social activists in Kerala State, who is a front fighter of most of environmental and social issues in the state.


State Executive

AAP Parivarthan Camp March 11, 2016
State Convener C R Neelakandan speaking in AAP Parivarthan Camp on March 11, 2016

The constitutional structure of Aam Aadmi Party consists of a State Executive which is elected from a State Council representing all the committees from down the line.

Members of the State Executive Committee are[2][3]

C R Neelakandan State Convener
Arun Joseph Secretary
Paul Joseph Treasurer
Shybu Madathil Media, Youth Wing
Shoukath Ali Training, Student's Wing
Venkiteshwaran Subrahmanian Political Affairs
Ashok George Zakariah News paper, Trade Union
Rajesh Kumar Local Self Government

District Executive

Aam Aadmi Party Kerala has 14 District Committees.

Mandalam Committees

Third Level of Party Committees are known as Mandalam Committees, which are for each Legislative Assembly Constituencies. Kerala has a total of 140 Legislative Assembly Constituencies and so far Aam Aadmi Party has 138 Mandalam Committees in the State.

Corporation, Municipality, Panchayat Committees

Ward/Division Committees

A ward committee is most basic unit (primary unit) of Aam Aadmi Party. In whichever ward there are more that 10 permanent members, the volunteers could form a ward committee.


Youth Wing

The formal launch of the Aam Aadmi Party Youth Wing (AYW) took place on 27 September 2014, the 107th birth anniversary of revolutionary martyr Bhagat Singh, in National Level.[4] AYW in Kerala State operational in November 2015. Present State Coordinator of AYW is Mr. Shybu Madathil

Student's Wing

Aam Aadmi Party's Student Wing known as Chhatra Yuva Sangharsh Samiti, in short CYSS. In Kerala, the first unit of CYSS was formed in MES Kalladi College, Mannarkkad, Palakkad District in 2015. The launch ceremony was addressed by the then AAP State Convener Prof. Sarah Joseph. CYSS don't have a state level structure yet.

Anti Corruption Wing

The Anti Corruption Wing provides a helpline telephone number for each district in Kerala to report complaints of corruption in the government machinery. The Aam Aadmi Party would take appropriate action on the complaints, whether it be filing a regular complaint, filing a petition before the Vigilance and Anti Corruptions Bureau.

The Anti Corruption Wing (ACW) official launch is announced by Somnath Bharti (Delhi MLA & State in Charge) through a google hangout on 3 January 2016. ACW lead by Mr. Jeejo Nedumkallel and it is in a process to expand in all districts.

Social Media Team

AAP Kerala has a strong Social Media Team primarily concentrating on the Facebook page. There is a state page as well as dedicated page for each district.

News Paper

Janasabha was considered to be the official news paper of Aam Aadmi Party Kerala until June 2106. The process of legalising was yet to take place. However, the clarity on it was brought out only on 5th June, when State Team met few members of Thrissur District committee, wherein it was communicated by the Janasabha Team that it operates as a separate entity under the banner "Janasabha Trust" and is not the face of Aam Aadmi Party in Kerala.

The party is yet to decide on the official new paper.

Legal front

CCTV case

AAP Kerala filed a PIL in the High Court of Kerala in 2015 demanding the installation of surveillance cameras in all police stations in the state to check police torture. The case has been adjourned since.

Bar bribe case

It was AAP Kerala that first approached the High Court of Kerala, only a couple of days after Biju Ramesh's revealation, with a Writ Petition asking for an FIR against K.M.Mani in light of the Lalithakumari Vs State of UP judgement. The case was dismissed by the CJ bench citing that it was the vigilance to decide about the FIR. Two days later, V.S.Sunil Kumar MLA approached the same bench with almost the same plea and the case was admitted.

Later when the matter came to the Thiruvananthapuram Vigilance court, AAP Kerala intervened with a petition to implead. And the AAP Kerala lawyer and State Executive member Ajit Joy was successful in directing the focus against then vigilance director Vinson M. Paul. The case ended with a critical reference by the court against K.M.Mani.

AAP Kerala then filed a petition asking for an FIR against K.Babu in the Vigilance court. Now a lot of pressure mounting on the judge, the case was adjourned to January 23, the same date to which a similar case in the Thrissur Vigilance court had been scheduled earlier. Also the Judge Illikkadan has been transferred to Motor Vehicles Claims Tribunal in Thrissur.


Lok Sabha 2014

2014 Lok Sabha Elections was the debut in electoral politics by Aam Aadmi Party in Kerala, and contested in 15 out of the 20 seats. Aam Aadmi Party Kerala got 1% of Votes and 11th position in vote share by political parties in Kerala State.[5][6]

Constituency Candidate Votes
Kasaragode Ambalathara Kunjikrishnan 4996
Kannur Sasidharan K. V. 6106
Vadakara Ali Akbar 6245
Kozhikode K. P. Ratheesh 13934
Wayanad P. P. A. Sageer 10684
Ponnani Shyloke 9504
Palakkad B. Padmanabhan 4933
Thrissur Prof. Sarah Joseph 44638
Chalakkudi K M Noordeen 35189
Ernakulam Anitha Prathap 51517
Kottayam Anil Aickara 26381
Idukki Silvi Sunil 11215
Alappuzha D. Mohanan 9414
Mavelikkara N. Sadanandan 7753
Thiruvananthapuram Ajit Joy 14153

Local Body Elections 2015

Aam Aadmi Party Kerala contested in 300 of the 21865 Wards (Which including Grama Panchayat, Block Panchayat, District Panchayat, Municipalities & Corporations). AAP came 2nd in a couple of wards, and 3rd in a few. A Glossary of Local Body Elections for Aam Aadmi Party Kerala:

Division Number of Division Total Wards Contested by AAP Total Votes
Corporation 6 414 42 4586
Municipality 87 3078 - -
District Panchayat 14 331 13 13347
Block Panchayat 152 2080 - -
Grama Panchayat 941 15962 - -


Unlike other political parties in India, AAP delivers professional training to their office holders.