Abdullah Mashhoor Kunhikoya Thangal

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Abdullah Mashhoor Kunhikoya Thangal (Arabic : سيّد عبد الله مشهور كنجكّوي تنجض البريريّ القادري , Malayalam: സയ്യിദ് അബ്ദുള്ള മഷ്ഹൂർ കുഞ്ഞിക്കോയ തങ്ങൾ⁠⁠⁠⁠ ) (1948-2017) was an Indian Sufi, and was known as Vadakara Thangal.

Early life

He was born to Muhammed Mashhoor Mullakoya Thangal Vadakara[1] and Aysha Atta Beevi on 8 August 1948 (Shawal 2nd, 1367) in his ancestral house called 'Aanantavida' at Vadakara.[no citations needed here]

After primary education, he completed his studies at Manarul Uloom Madrassa High School, the first educational institution at Vadakara.[2][3] He then took up medicine (Ayurveda) as a profession with his father and spiritual master Muhammed Mashhoor Mullakoya Thangal Vadakara.[no citations needed here]

He grew up by putting into practice what he learned from his father.[4] He received knowledge in medical profession under the guidance of his father and assisted him in it. He received government recognition and registration to manufacture medicine and practice as an ayurvedic physician. In addition to having in depth knowledge in widely popular medical texts, he had received knowledge of rare medical procedures and medicine handed down to generations from an ancient stream of Siddha Vaidya.Template:Fact


Template:Unreferenced section The Mashhoor lineage started in Kerala through Sufi Scholar Abdurahman Mashhoor who came to Kerala in 1710 C.E from Yemen.Template:Fact

He married Asma Muthubeevi from a family of Ponnani Vettom Pokkiriyakam.[5]

He was a descendant of Sufi scholar and spiritual master Cheruseethi Thangal (1669 - 1771).Template:Fact

Thangal was the 37th grandson of the Islamic prophet, Muhammad.Template:Fact Thangal who was a master of the Qadiriyya Sufi Order was the 25th generation in the lineage of Sufi masters from Sheikh Abdul-Qadir Gilani and 42nd from Muhammad.Template:Fact


In the spiritual world

Template:Unreferenced section He was attracted to Sufi Tariqa and received disciple-hood from his father Sayyid.Template:Fact

Following to his father's death, he became the spiritual master of Qadiriyya, Chisthiya (chisti), Tabaqathiya and Zuharawardiya paths of Tariqa. He has a lot of disciples [6]both inside and outside Kerala.

He offered wisdom to people irrespective of national, religious and caste differences.Template:Fact


Sheikh Thangal died on 10 June 2017 (15th Ramadan 1438 A.H).[7][8] He is buried at Makham'ul Waseela at Karimpanapalam, Vadakara in Kozhikode.[no citations needed here]

Makham'ul Waseela, the tomb of Abdullah Mashhoor Kunhikoya Thangal at Karimpanapalam, Vadakara