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Achiva Nidhi (Hindi: अचिवा निधि). Achiva is an Indian banking and financial services Nidhi Company[1] headquartered in Vadodara, Gujarat. “Nidhi” (Hindi: निधि ) is a Hindi word, which means finance or fund.

Achiva, which started as a Trading company in 2014, received nidhi licence by Ministry of Corporate Affairs[2] and there under Rules & Regulations made by Reserve Bank of India for Nidhi Company[3] in 2015.


Achiva Nidhi has Mr. Amit Prakash Tripathi as the founder cum managing director and chief executive officer.[4]


Initially founded by Mr. Amit Prakash Tripathi, Achiva operates within districts of Gujarat. It offers credit of as much as Rs.10,000 to women in villages in Gujarat to buy sewing machines and start businesses to make papadums.[no citations needed here]

Application for Membership

Achiva Nidhi's policy is based on a borrowing and lending model where members deposits their money for specific period of time and also take secured loans against their deposits or against gold/property/Govt. Bonds etc. to fund a business or other income generating activity, ensuring credit discipline and prompt repayments through peer pressure.[no citations needed here]

It offers livelihood-related loans at 24% interest rate, as compared with standard micro-finance companies whose interest rates range between 25-26 %. The organisation has a 100% cashless disbursement through National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT); and also helps its clients open saving accounts, adhering to one of its core missions of financial inclusion.[no citations needed here]


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