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Alessandro Pepe

Director Alessandro Pepe on set for his movie My Honor Was Loyalty
Born (1987-10-22) October 22, 1987 (age 33)
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Occupation Movie Director, Actor, Musician, Soundtrack Composer

Salvador Alejandro Herman Pepe (born October 22, 1987), known professionally as Alessandro Pepe (for Films) or Alexx Hermánn (for Music), is an Italian film director, actor, pianist and soundtrack composer living in Sydney, Australia.[no citations needed here]


Pepe was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.[no citations needed here] His paternal grandparents were immigrants from Italy while his mother's family was from Chile.[no citations needed here] A year after his birth, the whole family moved back to Milan. He started studying piano at age six, writing scripts for theatrical shows for his elementary class at seven, and composing soundtracks since 14 years old.[no citations needed here] After obtaining a diploma at the Artistic High School of Cuneo and at the Musical Conservatorium, he obtained his bachelor's degree in Films and Multimedia Arts at the Fine Arts Academ, with a specialization in Photography.[no citations needed here] His visual art is influenced by French Impressionism, Japonism art and Terrence Malick films.[no citations needed here] His music is influenced by Chopin, and modern artists as Olafur Arnalds and Joe Hisaishi.[no citations needed here]


In 2012 Pepe, began working on his first feature-length film My Honor Was Loyalty. He was aided by PROGETTO900, an italian historical reenactment group.[no citations needed here] The script was based in World War II, with the main character being a German soldier in the Waffen SS. Without any production or financial support, the film was completed three years later, after shooting on location in Italy, Slovakia, France and Germany. The film was screened in London and released on Netflix on March 2017.[no citations needed here] The soundtrack received two awards at the XII Women in Music Festival in Serbia – Best Soundtrack and Best Performance.[no citations needed here] Alessandro declared that the movie costed him 15,000 Euros which gave him great reputation amongst the home-made Filmmakers on the Internet.[no citations needed here] All the sales deals earned around 250,000 Euros but due to his total inexperience in Film Business, his revenue was less than 20,000 Euros.[no citations needed here]

Pepe announced the production of four short films based on the World War II theme, from the German point of view.[no citations needed here] They have been released on his Youtube Channel "MHWL Productions" and they have all been scored by him.[no citations needed here] After this project Pepe decided to emigrate to the United States and promote his own music in Salt Lake City, Utah.[no citations needed here] He left 6 months later after some racist issues and moved to Sydney in 2017.[no citations needed here]

In 2018 Pepe focuses on working on Japanese Culture films.[no citations needed here] He released in Tokyo a Short Film ガラス玉 "Garasudama" (Sphere of Glass) submitting it into international film festivals.[no citations needed here] The soundtrack was recorded by choir and orchestra at the MMA recording studio and was dubbed in Japanese.[no citations needed here] He meets important Japanese Film Directors like Yuya Ishii and Isao Yukisada.[no citations needed here] He moves to Tokyo for 1 month to film another Short Film WA - Harmony (和).[no citations needed here]

Struggling on his financial situation and working in cafes and restaurants, Pepe started busking in the streets playing his own songs and soundtracks where he was discovered by Desh Amila, Australia-based entrepreneur who offered him a position as a Videographer and Film Director in his company 'This is 42'.[no citations needed here]


Short films[no citations needed here]

  • 2012 – Without Fear
  • 2013 – Meeting My Brother
  • 2015 – M I N D S
  • 2016 – Only few Seconds
  • 2016 – You have shed blood
  • 2017 – Jugend
  • 2018 – ガラス玉 (Sphere of Glass)
  • 2019 – 和 (Harmony)


  • 2015 – My Honor Was Loyalty[1]

Soundtracks/Albums[no citations needed here]

  • 2015 – Enjoy The Silence (LDS Hymns arrangements)
  • 2016 – Only few Seconds Original Soundtrack
  • 2016 – You have shed blood Original Soundtrack
  • 2015 – My Honor Was Loyalty Original Soundtrack (27 tracks)
  • 2017 – Jugend Original Soundtrack
  • 2018 – ガラス玉 Original Soundtrack (5 tracks)