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The Ven. Alex Bruce ('Tenpa') at the Australian National University College of Law

Alex Bruce is an Associate Professor at the Australian National University's ANU College of Law and one of the few Western Buddhist monks to hold a senior academic position at a university. Alex specialises in Animal law and competition and consumer law. He is Director of the Center for Commercial Law and is one of Australia's leading experts on competition and consumer law and the emerging area of Animal Law.


Alex Bruce graduated with a bachelor of laws in 1990 (QUT), a Master of Laws in 2005 (USyd), a Master of Arts(Theology)(ACU)in 2007 and a PhD in law in 2012 (ANU). He received professional registration and admission to legal practice by the Qld Supreme Court in 1990.He has taught at the ANU College of Law since 1999, being appointed Associate Professor in 2011.[1]

Work in the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

Until 2004 Alex worked with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)(formerly the Trade Practices Commission) as a senior lawyer (including directing the mergers branch in Sydney). His responsibilities in the ACCC included instructing counsel, as well as conducting cases before the Federal Court and High Court of Australia on market manipulation, anti-competitive mergers, price fixing and corporate fraud. He routinely obtained interim injunctions, criminal penalties, compensation orders, freezing of assets and orders to liquidate assets. The price fixing case he worked on against TNT, Ansett and Mayne Nickless was one of the largest in Australian legal history with over $1 billion in damages and penalties recovered.[2][3][4]

Buddhism, interreligious and peace studies

Alex Bruce ('Losang Tenpa') is an ordained Buddhist Monk in the Tibetan Buddhism Tradition under the direct supervision of the 14th Dalai Lama.[5] He is the Buddhist Chaplain at the ANU. In 2007 he organised and moderated the One World - Many Paths to Peace Inter-religious Symposium at the AIS arena (10,000 people in attendance) with His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and hosted by the ANU College of Law. In 2009 His Holiness the Dalai Lama launched his text One World Many Paths to Peace at the Parliament of the World's Religions.[6] He has Masters Degrees in Law and in Theology. A/Prof. Bruce studies Advanced Buddhist philosophy with the Chenrezig Buddhist Monastery (see Avalokiteśvara). He sits on the International Advisory Board of the Research Unit for the Study of Law; Society & Religion at the University of Adelaide. He was invited to speak at the 2009 Biennial Freilich Foundation Summer School concerning bigotry, law and religion. He has regularly been invited to schools in the ACT and NSW to discuss inter-religious issues with the students as well as other significant conferences. In July 2012 he was interviewed for ABC TV Faithlines program.[7]

Consumer protection

Alex Bruce's monograph 'Consumer Protection Law in Australia' (LexisNexis 2011) was the first Australian text to critically analyze the most extensive changes to consumer protection law in 35 years with the introduction of the Australian Consumer Law within the Competition and Consumer Act 2010.[8]

Animals and the law

In 2009, he successfully researched, developed and delivered a new elective subject Animals and the Law and has published a monograph on this subject.[9][10][11] He has published more widely on how new energy and food technologies may promote animal rights.[12] He has appeared in the media (such as the ABC 'Compass' program and ABC 'Rural") to debate public policy on these issues.[13][14][15]

Awards and Community outreach

He was awarded the 2007 Vice Chancellor's Award for Community Outreach. In 2004 he created and became a director of Liberation Prison Project (Aust) Ltd and until 2009 was a prison Chaplain.[16] Consistently nominated for Teaching Excellence Awards, in 2010, Alex was awarded the Vice Chancellor's Award for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning.[17]

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