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Engraver II is a plug-in filter created by AlphaPlugins designed for use with Adobe Systems Photoshop, Corel Photo-Paint, Paint Shop Pro, Ulead PhotoImpact and other compatibles.

Engraver II is a major update for previous Engraver version. Up-to-date plug-in enables to make stylized photographs or images to resemble vintage engravings and allows to create digital pencil sketches. Engraver cuts through images with thin lines forming a geometric pattern. The thickness of these lines will change depending on the image beneath.

Engraver II makes it possible to display an image as a stylized black-and-white or color print. There is a selection of geometric patterns and variety of lines for artist's illustrations as well as creating fringe patterns by overlapping layers.


Engraver II is a mathematics based filter; the engraving properties and varying effects can be achieved by using adjustable values of line thickness, colour scheme, pattern type and other characteristics.

The Engraver II plugin has the ability to limit the preview of the selected area. Previously it was necessary to wait for an entire drawing to be rendered, even if only a small part of the drawing was going to have a particular pattern applied to it.

The "Fill alpha” feature works on of multi-layer compositions with alpha channels.

Engraving curves can be blurred to simulate the way ink spreads on paper in real engravings.

Engraver II is not limited to digital image processing. It can be used in fields such as preparing graphics for burning on wood, serigraphy, or screen-printing. Engraver II enables to prepare solid color results without the use of halftones.

Other unique software

AlphaPlugins Ice Pattern is another similar plug-in filter for Photoshop and compatible editors made by AlphaPlugins. It makes possible creating designs of winter ice patterns on window glass. IcePattern filter creates frozen figures like those growing on windows in the winter. It's possible to adjust many parameters to create an endless variety of patterns.

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