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oooh, orphan The American Youth Basketball Tour, AYBT, is a summer, high school and middle school based, youth basketball organization. The tour hosts 5 on 5 basketball events throughout the Midwest and East Coast called District Series Events. These DSEs, which guarantee each team five games in a round robin format, are held on weekends starting in May and finishing in mid-July.

The culmination of the summer events is one of three National Tournaments. The National Tournaments guarantee seven games and are held over a four-day period in one of the last two weeks of July. All teams have the opportunity to attend a National Tournament of their choice. Some National Tournament sites fill quickly and are filled on first-come, first served basis. The National Tournaments are set up to give teams seven round robin games with the eighth game starting a single-elimination tournament.


The TOUR is a grade-based program using the current school year, not the grade they are going into. This is why so many school-based teams enjoy the TOUR. The grade divisions: Boy’s 3rd-4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th-11th and Girl’s 4th-5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th-11th.

As a coach, you and your director rate your team as “Highly Skilled (HS)”, “Good (G)”, or “Average (A)”. If you are an all-star team, hold tryouts to select top players, or recruit players because of their skill level, you must play as a Highly Skilled team. Since there are no trophies or awards at the District Series Events, many teams will choose to play up or down a division, depending on skill level.


(H.S.A.A. rules will apply except for the differences listed below.)

  • 1. Game Timing: Two 20-minute halves with a running clock. The last two-minutes of each half, the clock shall stop on all dead ball situations. Overtime: There will be a 2-minute overtime in all games ending in a tie, with each team receiving one time out for the overtime (Teams may not carry-over any timeouts). The clock will stop for all dead ball situations during overtime. Double Overtime: Games will be decided by sudden death, meaning the team who scores the first point (does not have to be a basket, it can be a free throw) will have won the game. Overtime at Nationals: At all AYBT National Tournaments, only for the single elimination tournament, there will be no sudden death overtimes. There will be a 2-minute overtime until a winner is decided.
  • 2. Fouls: Each player is allowed 5, shooting one and one on the 7th team foul, double bonus (two shots) on the 10th team foul. Technical Fouls: will not be shot, 2 points will be awarded to the other team. A second technical foul by the same individual and that individual is removed from the gym. The individual will receive a one-game suspension for their next schedule game. (A next scheduled game would be at the event or national that the individual is currently participating or it could be the next DSE or National the individual participates).
  • 3. Equal Play - 60/40 Philosophy: If listed on the roster and dressed to play (unless injured our suspended from playing), every player must play in every game. The TOUR’s 60/40 playing rule suggests that all players’ receive between forty and sixty percent of the playing time over the entire event or national. Equal Play at Nationals: At all AYBT National Tournaments, only for the single elimination tournament, coaches are encouraged to play all players but it is not required.

Site of the National Tournaments

  1. Bloomington, Illinois (Normal Community High School)
    • The Shirk Center on the campus of Illinois Wesleyan University- not used anymore.
    • Normal Community High School, Normal West High School, Bloomington Central Catholic High School, Kingsley Middle School, Parkside Middle School, and Chiddix Middle School for 12 courts.[1]
  2. Ft. Wayne, IN (Spiece Fieldhouse)
    • Sports complex at Spiece Center and additional gyms in Ft. Wayne allow for 23 courts. (1st Session July 16–20, 2nd session is July 20–24)
  3. Cedar Falls, IA (University of Northern Iowa)(Defunct)
    • Best facilities are at this National with 20 courts.(1st Session July 23–27, 2nd session is July 27–31)
  4. Williamsport, PA (Local Gyms)