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Template:Infobox sportsperson Amine Ibn El Boushaki (Template:Lang-ar, Template:Lang-kab), (born Template:Date in Thenia, Boumerdès Province, Kabylie) is an Algerian judoka who won numerous medals in judo representing Algeria.[1]

Early life

Amine Ibn El Boushaki was educated at "Ahmed Ferhi School" in Thenia, then at "Omar Rod College" in the same town located in Boumerdès Province inside Kabylie.[2]


Amine Ibn El Boushaki began his career in sports as early as 1988, when he was only six years old, choosing judo as a discipline widely practiced in the Boumerdès Province.[3]

Amine, who has a consistent morphology from an early age, was integrated into the "judo" section of the club "Chabab Moustakbal Baladiyate Thniya (CMBT)".[4]

His intense training in judo in the sports hall, adjoining the football stadium of Thénia, allowed him to start and penetrate this sporting discipline.[5]

His individual momentum was coupled with the CMBT's judo team to take part in the matches and to win several medals and cups during the national and international sports tournaments.[6]


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CMB Thénia

The first school and team of judo in which Amine Ibn El Boushaki evolved and was confirmed is that of the CMBT in Thénia.[7]

He patiently climbed the categories of judoka to the CMBT from chick to benjamin, and then minimal.[8]

Several coaches at the CMBT participated in his distinguished debut, including "Salah Abbad" from judo school in Algiers to develop the Thénia section of Algiers Province before the administrative division of 1984.[9]

For attaining that purpose, the "Algiers League of Judo"[10] delegated coach "Salah Abbad" from El Biar to Thénia for a two-year contract to develop martial art of judo in the CMBT Club.[11]

"Salah Abbad" was assisted by the leaders and technicians of the CMBT section of Thénia in his meticulous work to guaranty success of his young judoka athletes, including "Malek Sahed", " Belkacem Mechkarini", " Brahim Afiri" and "Ali Boutiche".[12]

Mouloudia Club of Algiers

After revealing and confirming his sporting prowess with the CMBT team in Thénia, it is the turn of MC Alger to call on the services and prowess of the young Amine Ibn El Boushaki for a duration of 7 years before the accidental stop of his sporting course.

Amine quickly climbed to the front row of the judo team of MC Alger to become a prized and award-winning sportsman to defend the colors of the Algerian club.[13]


The Sonatrach has repeatedly appealed to Amine Ibn El Boushaki's judoka services to reinforce the ranks of his judoka athletes during matches and tournaments.[14]

Algerian national team

The revelation of the young Amine Ibn El Boushaki did not delay to make him notice and integrate in "the Algerian National Team of Judo" in 1993 when he was only 11 years old.

For 7 years, Amine honored the Algerian national colors on his team of judo with which he won several medals, cups and rewards for having won several matches.

Awards and medals

Amine Ibn El Boushaki received several medals and incentive certificates as a reward for his successful and honorable performance.

Amine was awarded prizes during the decade 1990 because he was one of the remarkable and notorious Algerian athletes of his generation who were able to honor the Algerian flag.

Amine Ibn El Boushaki with other judoka, such as Salima Souakri, rose to the podium of international sports dedication on several occasions.

Other valorous Algerian judoka shared these successes with Amine during the same period, including "Soraya Haddad", "Lila Latrous", "Rachida Louaer", "Omar Rebahi", "Ammar Meridja", "Noureddine Yacoubi", "Amar Benikhlef", "Khaled Meddah", "Sami Belkrouni" and "Mohamed Bouaïchaoui".[15]

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