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Novella in 2015

Ana Novella is a Catalan[1] painter and sculptor.

She was born in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain on 18 October 1968. She lived in London for 7 years before returning to her birthplace in 1996.[no citations needed here]

Artistic style

Template:Single source The work and style of Novella has been examined in Spanish news outlet La Sexta. Novella predominantly works in murals, sculptures, and larger artistic pieces.[2] Ángel Alonso, writing for La Sexta, notes that though Novella's art depicts modern images, it evokes the oldest forms of storytelling but also that "unlike Homer, these are open stories, fables that demand a creative attitude when receiving them".[2] With his coverage written in early 2017, Alonso notes that her work is evocative of Marc Chagall.[2]

In terms of the image style that Novella uses in her artwork, Alonso writes that it has "illustrative aspect, but its figuration is closer to children's drawing and graffiti at the same time".[2] Describing her imagery, Alonso writes that there are many animals depicted in Novella's works, also noting the semantic and symbolic imagery – he connects Novella's use of fish and birds to religious stories, and of horses to "masculinity, gallantry, kindness and courage".[2] The character figures in Novella's works are described by Alonso as "soft, expressing a tenderness that in other times (no longer) could have been defined as feminine", who likens them to Baroque painting.[2]

On her use of color, Alonso determines that both Novella's lines and colors create boundary and meaning in her works, and remarks on the use of white to highlight the "harmony of colors" by intervening between elements.[2] He says that Novella's art has a high level of detail, and that this corresponds to the spectator searching for meaning at a representational level; as an artistic story without fixed beginning and end, the editorial writes that Novella's art is based in Surrealism and automatism.[2]

Life and career

Novella has exhibited at the Museum Maritime of Pets, in Annapolis, Maryland, USA, from 2013–2014.[3]

In 2018, Novella moved to Sant Pere Pescador; she noticed that many of the people in the area were artistic but did not consider themselves artists. Encouraging them, Novella created and curated an exhibition held in 2019 to show the artwork of twelve local people whose careers in art had become established since her arrival. Novella told journalist Cristina Vilà that she was happy with how the exhibition turned out because "there is a lot of talent [...] there are creators of all ages [and] all of them have been dedicated to this for many years."[4] In 2019, she also created trees for a horror festival in Sant Tomàs de Fluvià, Girona.[5]

Novella has a daughter, Alexandra, with Williams syndrome. She illustrated the 2018 book Día de sol, which had been inspired by people with the condition.[6]


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