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Andy is a comedy film series created by high-school student and amateur filmmaker Nicholas Tremblay. The series comprises of a trilogy starring Mitchell Catania in the lead role as Andy, and a planned follow-up trilogy starring Keiran Rose-McSkimming as Andy.


As early as 2013, Mitchell Catania and Nicholas Tremblay, students of Rockridge Secondary School had been working on Tremblay's first film. Eventually, they settled down on the idea of Andy, which was a film following the adventures of Andy, a teenager who is, as put by the warning at the beginning of Andy, 'just stupid'. With the concept set up, they went to work, looking for others to participate in any supporting roles. For the main supporting role they cast Jake Julian Ritchie as 'Julian', another stupid teenager. For the purposes of a side-joke, Ritchie's then-girlfriend Emma Williams was brought in for the role of a girl who appeared at random times to tell Andy that he was weird. The video was filmed in 2013, and it was released on YouTube on the 26th of May 2014.

In 2014, plans were pushed around for a sequel to Andy, but at first Tremblay refused. Eventually, after much pleading from his friends, he sat down and began working on Andy 2. With this film, Catania and Ritchie were cast in their roles again, however Ritchie only appeared for a minor role in the beginning of the film. Andy 2 was shot in 2014, and released on YouTube on the 15th of December 2014.

Around October 2015, plans for another Andy film were played with, however this time Tremblay stepped down from the role of director and assumed an advisory role. Many people were asked about directing the film, including Catania himself. In the end, Michael Freckelton, a friend of Tremblay's, accepted the role of director and began work on Andy 3. This installment in the series was produced in a different manner, as Catania was less willing to participate in the film, which meant that shooting was done in five minute lots spread out over two weeks. Ritchie was no longer attending Rockridge and therefore unavailable, so another actor was required to fill in for him. In replacement, Freckelton cast his younger brother David, who then took every role in the film save from the title role. Andy 3 was filmed in December 2015, and is scheduled to be shown to the Rockridge students on the 18th of December, making it the first Andy film to be shown to an audience in that manner.

List of films in the Andy series

The Andy Trilogy:

  • Andy (26 May 2014)
  • Andy 2 (15 December 2014
  • Andy 3 (December 2015)
Mitchell Catania portraying the title character in Andy 2.

The Andy Reborn Trilogy:

The Andy Trilogy

  • Andy- The first film in the trilogy begins with Andy (Catania) standing out in the forest, looking over the trees. Emma (Emma Williams, credited as 'Bully #1') and an unnamed friend (Molly Kim, credited as 'Bully #2') ask him what he is doing, to which he responds "I'm mastering my tree talk!" The two girls walk away in confusion, and Andy runs into a clearing, declaring himself 'master of the universe'. After which, he comes across a tree, to which he begins speaking to, finding it attractive. He names it 'Bugaloo', and begins kissing it. At this point, Emma's friend kicks 'Bugaloo'. This angers Andy, and he chases her away. At this point, Julian enters the story on a skateboard, and meets Andy. After an initial fight, the two become friends after chasing Emma and her friend away again. Julian announces that he knows magic, and the two play together for a while. Eventually, Andy realizes he can't find Julian, and he runs out onto the road looking for him. The film cuts to black, and the sounds of a car crash are heard, implying Andy's death.
  • Andy 2- The second film begins with Julian stalking Andy, whist acting out of character. He receives a phone call, during which he announces that Andy 'has the codes'. He then approaches Andy in character and announces he has become evil, then attacks him. The film cuts to Andy once again announcing he is 'the master of the universe', this time standing on a large rock. Andy reunites with Bugaloo, and makes out with her. He suddenly realizes he is being filmed by a photographer (Zach Turpin), and has a meltdown. A group of teenagers enters the scene, and begin throwing pine-cones at him. He chases two of the teenagers to a ping-pong table, where they play a game of 'pine-cone ping pong'. Andy loses, and he leaves in a huff. He comes across another tree, which he names 'Bagaloo'. He begins making out with the tree, only to realize that he is 'cheating on Bugaloo', and he runs to find 'Bugaloo'. When he does find the tree, he apologizes, only to find that 'Bugaloo' has dumped him. He runs away in depression, and the screen cuts to black. The sounds of a car crash are heard, implying Andy's death. In an animated end credits sequence, we see Andy getting hit by a car, after which he is spirited away to Heaven, where he meets God.
  • Andy 3- The third film begins where Andy 2 left off, with Andy in Heaven talking to God (David Freckelton). God reviews Andy's life, then kicks him out of Heaven in disgust. The film cuts to the first interior shot in Andy history, showing Andy declaring that he is the 'master of the universe' to a crowd of people from a staircase (Catania's original declaration was dubbed over by the director's film teacher Mr. David Shannon, due to issues with the sound). Afterwards, Andy beats up a man leaning on 'Bugaloo' (D. Freckelton) and tries to apologize to the tree. He is rejected, after which he throws a piece of wood at 'Bugaloo'.

The Andy Reborn Trilogy

Cast and Crew

  • Nicholas Tremblay- Director, writer, editor and camera of Andy and Andy 2
  • Michael Freckelton- Director, editor, writer and camera of Andy 3 and Andy Reborn
  • Mitchell Catania- Andy (The Andy Trilogy)
  • Keiran Rose-McSkimming (The Andy Reborn Trilogy)
  • Jake Julian Ritchie- Julian (Andy and Andy 2)
  • Emma Williams- Bully #1 (Andy)
  • Molly Kim- Bully #2 (Andy)
  • Kyle Alexander- Extra #1 (Andy 2)
  • Jackson 'IDK His Last Name'- Extra #2 (Andy 2)
  • Trevor Dale- Extra #3 (Andy 2, uncredited appearance)
  • Zach Turpin- Photographer (Andy 2)
  • David Shannon- Angry Voice (Andy 2), Car Driver and Editor (Andy 3)
  • David Freckelton- God, Man, Santa and co-writer (Andy 3)


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