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Anevay, originally Camping Solutions Ltd, is a Cornwall-based company that makes portable woodburning and multi-fuel stoves for camping, off-grid living and outdoor cooking.

Widely known for the Frontier Stove, a portable log burning stove originally designed by Anevay founder John Henderson for humanitarian aid, which can be fitted in tents, sheds and used outdoors, Anevay are an outdoor lifestyle brand that designs and manufactures a range of original wood burning stoves.

The Frontier Stove gained popularity among the outdoor and bushcraft community in the UK, and in 2011 Anevay launched the product on the retail market. They later added a larger, upright cylinder stove designed for bigger spaces: yurts, shepherd's huts and sheds, known as the Traveller Stove, and a rocket stove (the Horizon Stove). In 2015 they launched a successful Kickstarter campaign[1] that raised £58,000 for the development and launch of the Frontier Plus,[2] the 'bigger brother' to the Frontier Stove.

In 2015 Anevay also launched their Fintan Stove, a CE-approved and DEFRA exempted multi-fuel stove designed for the home and small spaces such as tiny houses.

Humanitarian aid background

The Frontier Stove was designed for humanitarian aid, with a long flue to transport smoke and fumes away from the cooking area. Respiratory problems from smoke inhalation kill more people than malaria and aids combined,[3] and the Frontier Stove was designed with this in mind, as well as meeting a design brief that required a portable, safe and efficient means of cooking and heating with limited fuel resources.

The founder of Camping Solutions, John Henderson, has a background in industrial design and had previously produced award-winning designs for diving and climbing.

Tree planting initiative

Anevay plant a tree for every stove sold, including, when the initiative was launched, one for every stove they have historically provided for humanitarian aid. Working in conjunction with the International Tree Foundation,[4] Anevay aim to offset the carbon footprint of the running of their business as well as the impact of each individual customer.

UK manufacture

Anevay are strong proponents of UK manufacture and their Traveller and Fintan Stoves are both manufactured on the Anevay premises in Redruth, Cornwall.