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Ankapur chicken is also called as Ankapur Chicken Curry (ACC), Ankapur Country Hen Chicken Curry(ACC) and Ankapur Deshi Chicken Curry. It is recognized as tasty and one of it kind chicken curry by popular Telugu news channel TV9.


The history of Ankapur Deshi chicken dates back to thirty years i.e. 1983. Mr.Thallapally Ramagoud started cooking Ankapur Country Hen Chicken Curry with rural spices. The chicken curry cooked by Ramagoud was very hot, tasty and spicy, it had a special spice formula. It is called as "Deshi chicken" or "Natu Kodi Koora" or "Ankapur Deshi Chicken" or "Ankapur Chicken” in local language. Slowly this taste got popular in the Ankapoor(Ankapur) village. Through the word-of-mouth publicity the popularity of Ankapur chicken spread to adjacent mandals and districts. The starting price of the one kg curry and one kg rice was rupees 30/- in 1983. As this cuisine started getting popular and made good business, sons of Thallapally Ramagoud too started learning the art of cooking ankapur chicken from their father. It has become a lucrative business for them. Two sons who mastered the art were the elder son Thallapally Rama Goud and younger son Thallpally Kumar Goud.

A Must taste cuisine:

Over a period of time the other relatives of Ramagoud too started cooking Ankapur chicken and mastered the art of cooking Ankapur chicken and learnt the formula for making the recipe. In the second stage many gulf returned (people who went to Middle East for employment) people started mastering the art of cooking Ankapur chicken. Any visitor or passenger passing through the Ankapur village will not go without tasting Ankapur chicken. Any businessman, Politician visiting Ankapoor(Ankapur) Village, Armoor Mandal, Nizamabad District will not leave that place without tasting Ankapur Desi Chicken. Ankapur Desi Chicken is a must item in the menu of any dinner or meeting party taking place in these places. Out of the four sons of Thallapally Ramagoud, some migrated to Nizamabad and starting cooking ankapur desi chicken there too. They started exporting the chicken to Middle East, Singapore and USA. They serve ankapur desi chicken for marriage parties and also other functions. In 2013 the cost of one kg country hen chicken curry coupled with one kg rice is Rs.400/-. The order time is one hour.

Trade Secret or formula behind Ankapur Country Hen Chicken Curry (Ankapur Desi Chicken): Thallapally Kumar Goud one of the sons of Thallapally Rama Goud, who migrated to Nizamabad and started cooking Ankapur Desi Chicken in Knateshwar area describes the secret behind the taste of Ankapur as follows. "I went to Middle East in search of employment but all the efforts were in vain, i returned to India and continued the business of cooking and serving Ankapur Deshi Chicken which i learnt from my father Thallapally Rama Goud. Not only me today many families in Ankapur and Nizamabad and Secunderabad have taken this job of cooking and serving Ankapur Deshi Chicken. The only secret behind the taste of Ankapur Chicken is its Spices(Masala) and Red Chilli powder(Mirchi Powder). This spices and Mirchi powder is prepared by us and and added proportionately. This is the only secret and formula for the taste of Ankapur Deshi Chicken. No other artificial flavours or ingredients are added. Its purely a spice formula or secret. Anybody who knows this formula can cook Ankapur Deshi Chicken". The elder son of Thallapally Ramagoud is Thallapally Ramagoud too. He is named same like his father and he too is the top business maker in the village.

Tasty and Honesty:

The Second Ankapurian who mastered the art of cooking Ankapur Deshi Chicken after Thallapally Rama Goud is Bolla Bojanna alias Kolla Bojanna. He Says "I was gulf returnee, iam in this field of cooking Ankapur chicken since 25 years. I take twenty to thirty orders per day. Not only me, my wife, my two sons all mastered this art. Apart from taste i maintain honesty by supplying the right quantity and taste to the customers".

Present Scenario: Today the brand Ankapur Chicken has become popular all over the state and abroad. After Thallapally Ramagaoud and Bolla Bojanna(Kolla Bajanna), Many other third generation people has entered in to this business of cooking and serving Ankapur chicken some of them are- Kolla Anjaiah, Kolla Kishtaiah, Kolla Boomesh, Kolla Swamy and Kolla Narayana. The word "Kolla" refers to the profession of cooking Ankapur Deshi Chicken and not their surnames.

Off late many people in various places started cooking and serving Ankapur Deshi Chicken without knowing the right formula and trade secret. The taste levels have changed. So people interested to have or taste the original spicy Ankapur Chicken must visit Ankapur village. You get the right cuisine here. Ratings and International trade mark: In 2013, popular Telugu news channel TV9 and Eenadu Telugu weekly magazine rated Ankapur Country Hen Chicken Curry(Ankapur Deshi Chicken) as one of the top ten cuisines or food of Andhra Pradesh.

For contact numbers and address of Ankapur Chicke outlets and sellers, google it.

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