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Arab Advisors Group is an international professional services company with headquarters in Amman, Jordan. It is a private shareholder company and specializes in research, analysis and consulting in the industries of communications, media, technology and financial markets.[1][2] It is also known for its surveys and research reports that have been used by organizations and writers citing statistics applicable to the Middle East region. Its research services include annual strategic research, market surveys, knowledge process outsourcing, and custom consulting projects.

Arab Advisors Group was founded in 2001 by Jawad Abbassi. It was originally formed as a limited liability company but transferred to a private shareholding company in 2003.[5] It became only the 12th private shareholding company in Jordan after the country established the law governing such entities in 2002.[5] In 2005, the Arab Jordan Investment Bank acquired a 55% stake in the Group, marking the first time an investment bank in the MENA region acquired a majority share of a research company. Hakam Kanafani bought 40% stake in Arab Advisors Group from Arab Jordan Investment Bank in 2016 to make the shareholding 45% for Jawad Abbassi, 40% Hakam Kanafani and 15% Abbassi family..[1]


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