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The Arabicadoo is a Redneck Wind Instrument. Most often spelled Arabicadoo (Arab-icah-doo), this instrument is also known by Arabacadoo, Arabacadue, Arabicadue, Arabicadew, and Arabacadew'. It has fall into disuse.


The date of its initial construction is unknown. The Arabicadoo, was made most famous by the late Joey Robert Blackroot aka Joe Bob. Joe Bob was one of the many band members who played for the southern country band Hickory Ambush in the 1930s. Joe Bob was not only a gifted player of the Arabicadoo, but also the Mouth Harp and the Harmonica. He was once asked if he knew of the first Arabicadoo. He told this story:

“My Great Granddads pappy knew an old Indian whistle maker that he met just after the French and Indian War. Trying to make a wooden whistle without a rotating ball, he instead used a flat piece of grass which was pinched in the middle of the hollow and unshaved whistle tube. Blowing, and or sucking in the end made two sounds that were of a different pitch but were the same note…I think its called an octave”


Over the years its reed has been changed from either a plastic polymer base to wood (usually hickory). Its style has also changed to having a flexible tube, or a plain straight baffle end. Some are thick, some are thin, and the full-bodied wooden ones are harder to find now. A two-way reed system version can be found today. This makes it possible to blow and suck in both ends creating four different complimentary tones.


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