Ariel UFO incident

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The Ariel UFO incident is an alleged sighting of a UFO in 1994 by schoolchildren, in which a UFO was seen to land near an elementary school in Ruwa, Zimbabwe. Dozens of schoolchildren allegedly witnessed the UFO landing, as well as the alien beings exiting the craft. Several of the students said that the aliens communicated with them telepathically, conveying the message that Earth was headed for destruction because of human activity. Social worker and psychiatrist Cynthia Hind later interviewed the children, who made drawings of the alleged incident.[1] [2] [3] The children were also interviewed by Harvard psychiatrist Dr. John E. Mack, who concluded that the children were telling the truth. [4]


Before the incident, unidentified flying objects were spotted across the skies of Zimbabwe.[5] The actual incident occurred on the morning of September 16, 1994, in the village or Ruwa, approximately 20 km from the capital of Harare.

Because the teachers were in a staff meeting, the 62 children were left unattended to play in the school yard. The children first spotted three objects in the sky. They slowly descended and hovered near the school yard where the children were playing, until they landed.

Humanoid beings were then seen to exit the craft. They were described as being very small, about one meter tall, with big eyes, and black hair. Upon seeing the schoolchildren, the aliens appeared "astonished", and several of the children felt as if they were transmitting a message to them. Most of the children felt that the aliens were conveying a message of doom, and were warning them that unless humans stopped destroying the planet, there would be serious consequences.[6]

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