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In the Arnhem train accident of 21 November 2006 near Arnhem, Netherlands a cargo train driver failed to stop for a red signal and collided almost head-on into a passenger train which was about to enter the railway station, injuring 61, one of them severely.[1]

The passenger train was a local train from Zutphen to Nijmegen. The cargo train was hauling containers with computer equipment from Rotterdam to the German border. The driver of the cargo train was unfamiliar with the placement of the signals in the Arnhem area. Therefore, he was not allowed to drive a train in that area, unless accompanied by an experienced driver in that area. Because of last-minute changes in the duty roster, the driver was reassigned to a different train, but the man who was assigned to accompany him near Arnhem was not reassigned. The driver did not make note of this fact to his supervisor.

When approaching Arnhem station the cargo train passed several yellow signals and reduced speed to 40 km/h. When eventually approaching a red signal the driver was confused and could not make out whether the red signal was meant for his track or for the track to the right of him. He reduced speed to 15 km/h but then decided the signal was for a different track, expecting a signal for his track further on. When he saw his error, it was too late. The cargo train stopped 50 m past the signal on the points, where a collision with the passenger train was unavoidable.


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