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Artificial is a 2012 Telugu short film that was produced and directed by Vijay Vemuri. The film had its world debut on April 27, 2012 and revolves around the fantasies of a young couple.


A beautiful young housewife (Supriya Aysola) finds herself bored with her daily life and routine. As a way of escape she comes up with various daydreams and fantasies to make herself and the people around her more exciting.



Vijay filmed the movie using a Canon 5D that he had rented due to having a budget of only 250,000.[1] He did not begin filming until four years after he had finished the movie's script, as it took him a while to find a cast and crew that he felt could help him make the movie.[1] Casting took almost two years to complete and Vijay eventually chose actress Supriya Aysola to perform in the film's lead role.[2] Of the film's inspiration, Vijay has stated that he was inspired from a late-night television show that dealt with "extreme psycho-sexual disorders".[3]


  • Platinum Reel Award for Best Short Film at the Nevada Film Festival (2012, won)[4][5]


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