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Advertising? Template:Infobox political partyArtsakh Conservative Party, a political party in Artsakh Republic initiated on 26 February 2019 by political scientist, Doctor of historical science[1] David Babayan.


Artsakh Conservative Party (ACP) was founded by the Founding congress of the Party which took place on 17th of April in the assembly hall of the capital Stepanakert's school N8.


The Artsakh Conservative Party (ACP) is a national conservative party with its main goals being the development and strengthening of the Artsakh Republic, maintaining high-level of its security, achieving the international recognition of Artsakh, cementing the Armenia-Artsakh-Diaspora trinity on a consistent basis, preserving of national values, achievements and victories, ensuring social justice and supremacy of law, promoting the dynamic development of the society and economy, building an established democratic and civil society. The ultimate goal of the Artsakh Conservative Party in the state-building realm is an undivided Fatherland – the powerful, developed and united Armenia[2]. The Artsakh Conservative Party rates high the role of the Armenian Apostolic Church in the life of Artsakh and the Armenian people, preservation of the Armenian national identity in the Diaspora. The national church is among the most important pillars guaranteeing the development and strengthening of the independent statehood and the pan-Armenian unity[3].


The Party flag is a white canvas with the length-to-width ratio of 1:1.5, in the center of which there is the emblem of the Artsakh Conservative Party (ACP). The ACP emblem depicts the 2000-year-old Artsakh Tnjri (plane) tree with a thick-leaved crown, which on the one hand symbolizes the millennia-old history of Artsakh, its deep roots and strength, on the other hand its fragility, the imperative of protection. In front of the Tnjri Tree there is a guardian angel holding in its right hand a sword, symbolizing the nation's stamina and will to protect and defend the country, in the left hand - a book symbolizing the faith and supremacy of law. To the right of the angel is the eight leave Armenian Arevakhach (Solar Cross) each pair of which is colored in the shades of Artsakh flag. The Arevakhach itself symbolically gives birth to the flag of the Artsakh Republic. The emblem is framed by the inscription “Artsakh Conservative Party”.