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Raúl Álvarez Genes (Badalona, 5 November 1988), better known as AuronPlay and simply as Auron or as El Abduzcan is a popular Spanish YouTuber and comedian. AuronPlay tends to commentate videos from other people uploaded in numerous social networks (such as TikTok, Instagram or YouTube) and he often combines social criticism, black humour and cringe comedy, and more rarely parody religion. Also, AuronPlay occasionally uploads telephonic jokes to anonymous people requested via mail by his followers or suscribers. As of 2019, AuronPlay has over 19 million YouTube subscribers (for his main homonymous channel).

He is also an author and has been working as a voice actor for films.

He has a secondary YouTube channel as simply "Auron", and it is focused on gameplays and comedy.


Raúl Álvarez was born in Badalona, Spain, and currently lives in Barcelona.

In 2006 he began uploading videos to YouTube on his main YouTube channel.

His name "AuronPlay" is a composition of Auron (a Final Fantasy character) and Play (a random word that came to his mind at the moment because the sole name of "Auron" wasn't available).

He has also performed live shows across Spain, often with fellow YouTuber Wismichu.[1]

AuronPlay has been controversial in the past and he had various legal issues and problems.