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Musical artist

Darren John, professionally known as Avalanche the Architect is a Canadian rapper, hip hop singer, and a former martial artist. He is better known for his singles Got Yourself a Gun, Why Pree, and Black Lives Matter. In 2015, he was charged with criminal harassment and by using threatening death lyrics in his song Got Yourself a Gun.

Early life and career

Avalanche moved from New York City to Toronto, Canada to begin his career as a Hip Hop singer.[1] He began his professional career as a martial artist and served 20 years as an artist, and also coached for boxing and martial arts.[1] He also coached at Boxing Gym Huf, where one of his students got murdered in a robbery.[2]

In 2013, Avalanche released his single, a rap song Got Yourself a Gun, which became controversial.[3]

Avalanche released The Dream Catcher along with Cappadonna, Why Pree featuring Aidonia, and Heat Chuckle featuring Cutty Ranks.[4][5][6] Avalanche's song Lullaby featuring Mz Tulip had garnered a lot of world wide popularity on WorldStarHipHop.[7]

In 2018, Avalanche released Black Lives Matter (Burn Babylon Burn) single featuring Mega Sean and Ke Ke I for his new album, The Neal Rigga.[8] Later he released Moving More Weight Than a Body Builder and then The Dream Catcher.[9] He also released The Rob Ford Rap (aka When You Hear That) for promoting his album Digital Drugs.[10]


In 2013, Avalanche released a rap song Got Yourself a Gun, which became controversial because of its lyrics.[3] After that he was defamed by the reporter Alex Ballingall, Toronto Star and the Torstar Corporation, and he sued all of them for defaming and harassing him.[11] Avalanche was charged with criminal harassment and uttering threats to cause harm to his song promoter, Sonia Harry, and his trial began in May 2014 in a court in Toronto.[12]

In 2015, the Ontario Court Justice Lucia Favret found Avalanche guilty for threatening his former song promoter Sonia through his song's lyrics.[13][14] Avalanche had been under house arrest for 17 months.[15] He has appealed for his case which will be heard in December 2019.[16]



  • Digital Drugs
  • The Neal Rigga


  • Got Yourself a Gun
  • The Dream Catcher featuring Cappadonna
  • Why Pree featuring Aidonia
  • Heat Chuckle featuring Cutty Ranks
  • Lullaby featuring Mz Tulip
  • Black Lives Matter (Burn Babylon Burn) featuring Mega Sean and Ke Ke I
  • Moving More Weight Than a Body Builder
  • The Dream Catcher
  • The Rob Ford Rap (aka When You Hear That)


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