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Template:Infobox character Template:Portal Avranc is a fictional character from J. R. R. Tolkien's Middle-earth legendarium. He was a Man of the Second House of the Edain in the First Age, and son of Dorlas of Brethil.

Avranc was "a young man short and dark, but strong"; by the Men of Brethil he "was not loved for himself; for though he was bold, he was scornful, as was Dorlas his father before him". He was still well liked by Hardang, the Chieftain of Brethil, and was among the guards at the Crossings of Taeglin. He is stated to have been "not long wedded" at the time of the kin-strife (Template:ME-date).

When Húrin Thalion was found unconscious by Haudh-en-Elleth, Avranc suggested killing him immediately, since trouble followed Húrin from Angband. Avranc was rebuked by his Captain Manthor, but against his command, Avranc sped to Hardang to bear the news. When Húrin and Manthor finally came to Obel Halad, Hardang and Avranc provoked Húrin into attacking Hardang. Hardang sent Húrin to prison and Avranc urged that Húrin be put to death immediately. Avranc tried to shoot Húrin down, but Hardang restrained him for the time being. Manthor once again withstood them, summoning the Moot of the Folk of Brethil.

On the following day, Avranc sent rumours among the woodmen of the darker sides of Húrin. Hardang appointed Avranc to defend his cause during the Moot of the Folk. But in eloquent words, Manthor turned Hardang's mistreatment of Húrin to Hardang's undoing. The Men of Brethil besieged Hardang and his followers in the Hall of the Chieftains, setting the Hall on fire. Avranc tried to shoot Manthor twice, but missed. Avranc escaped the burning of the Hall, but Hardang was slain.

Avranc managed to shoot Manthor two days later, but a new wave of rioting upon Amon Obel followed. In the end, Avranc was chosen as the new Chieftain, and nobody remained in the House of Haleth. The people perceived that it was Húrin who brought the ruin on Brethil. The counsels of Hardang "were more wise", but Avranc wielded no such authority or reverence as the Haladin before. Many men forsook Brethil.

Other versions of the legendarium

In a late note, Tolkien proposed changing the names of Avranc and his father Dorlas to Daruin and Darlas, respectively suggesting a meaning of dar in the tongue of the Folk of Haleth as 'mastery, lordship'.