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Abraham "Avromie" Summers
Residence Los Angeles, California, United States
Nationality American
Occupation Chief Financial Officer, Blow & Drive Interlock Corporation

Avromie Summers was the performing name for Abraham Summers, an economist and entrepreneur based in Los Angeles, CA. Summers currently serves as the Chief Financial Officer for Blow & Drive Interlock Corporation. Summers was a musician and songwriter playing lead guitar, touring nationally and composing with the Los Angeles-based pop-punk band In Theory. Summers was educated at Hebrew preparatory schools including the Wisconsin Institute for Torah Study before attending the USC Sol Price School of Public Policy and founding Gnosiis International, an economics and urban planning consultancy.[1]

Music career

Summers began his music career at age sixteen. Summers fronted as the lead vocalist and rhythm guitar player for the band Chains of Freedom,[2] which was picked up by Midnight Music Management and opened for acts such as Evan and Jaron. While the band had limited success, it was the catalyst for Summers to meet and join the Los Angeles-based pop-punk super group In Theory.[3] Summers played lead guitar, composed,[4][5] and toured nationally with In Theory opening for bands such as Papa Roach, The Plain White T's and My Chemical Romance.[6][7] In 2007[8] In Theory released their album This is It nationally through Shelter from the Storm Records and the Warner Music Group’s Alternative Distribution Alliance.[9] The band's single, A New Medication, debuted on KROQ-FM in Los Angeles[10] and was played on radio nationally.

Summers was recognized for his commanding performances on stage and negotiated the band's two recording contracts as well as a series of sponsorship and endorsement deals.[2][7][10][11] Summers also played a key role, along with Gersht and White, in crafting the comprehensive marketing and social media campaign for In Theory at a time when social media was still in its infancy. The success of the campaign eventually would result in building their sizable fan base and capturing the attention of Shelter from the Storm Records.[10]

Business career

Summers founded The Gnosiis Media Company while in college and following the disbandment of In Theory.[11] The first client to be signed by Gnosiis Media was the Santa Monica Pier.[12] In March 2011 Summers delivered a lecture at Columbia Law School on Entrepreneurship. In his lecture Summers addressed the Competitive advantages of technology to the younger generations, utilizing sponsorship as a means of film finance and general legal issues where entrepreneurs generally require legal guidance.[13][14]

Summers founded Gnosiis International, LLC, a holding company and an economics firm emphasizing real estate development, manufacturing and high-growth companies.[1][11]

In August 2016 Blow & Drive Interlock Corp announced that they will be appointing Summers as the company's Chief Financial Officer as a part of a broader arrangement with Gnosiis International.[1][15] Blow & Drive Interlock is a Federally approved criminal monitoring company with approvals in 11 states. The company develops cutting edge technology that the government uses to monitor DUI/DWI offenders in an effort to keep the streets safe and save lives. The company is traded publicly on the OTCQB Venture Marketplace under ticker symbol BDIC.[16]


The son of a Los Angeles rabbi, Summers was educated at Hebrew preparatory schools.[17][18] His grandfather, Rabbi Allan Summers, also a University of Southern California alumni, was a Jewish community leader in pre and post-war Los Angeles. Rabbi Allan Summers was an advocate spearheading interdenominational cooperation and whose opinions regarding the Jewish people and Israel were read into the congressional records.[19][20] Summers attended the Wisconsin Institute for Torah Study, a preparatory school whose dual curriculum includes the Masoretic Texts in addition to traditional highschool academic studies.[11] Knowledge of the English language, the Hebrew language and the Aramaic language is a prerequisite for admission and subjects such as Talmudic Law, Talmudic hermeneutics, Jewish Philosophy, Halakha and the philosophies of the Mussar Movement and Socratic Method are emphasized.[21] Summers attended the University of Southern California[11] where he studied in their Sol Price School of Policy, Planning, and Development graduating with a Dean's Merit Award.[22][23]


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