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Banaras Biradari is the blog of Kautilya Society for Intercultural Dialogue, an Indian Non-governmental organization[1] with an internationally open membership and worldwide operation.[2]

In Hindustani "Banarasi Biradari" means "Banaras Community".
"Banaras" or "Varanasi" is the city where the Kautilya Society has its headquarter. In spite of the "local" name, the readership of Banaras Biradari is mainly international.

The blog is one of the media that Kautilya Society manages for promoting partnership between people of different cultural backgrounds.[3]

Most of the articles are written in English, although other languages are used, especially Italian and Hindi. In the Blog the managers of the projects of Kautilya Society maintain a dialogue with the project stakeholders, and inform the general public of Varanasi of the activities carried out in the city.


The Blog authorship is collective and includes all the members of Kautilya Society who propose a post to the editorial committee. Most of post however have been prepared by Vrinda Dar, the General Secretary of the Society and manger of the Varanasi heritage protection project.

The Blog pages

The pages of the Blog gives an outlook of the characteristics of the Society and a presentation of its main activities.

The Post categories

Template:External links The posts of the Blog are divided into categories:

  • Dialogue: this is the core mission of the Society and the articles of this section are meant to help understanding the cultural traditions of others and contrast bigotry and ethnocentrism (including the modern Western biases).
  • Banaras Diary with updates of social and cultural events of Varanasi where the Kautilya Society members participate and interact
  • Our Heritage on the work in progress for protecting the architectural heritage of Varanasi and for enlisting the Ghats of Varanasi in the World Heritage List of UNESCO
  • International Cooperation Informing about ongoing international cooperation projects managed by the Society in responsible tourism, sustainable development, media for peace building.[4]
  • Italian for the articles written in Italian.

Reporting on the PIL

In the Year 2005, the KS filed a PIL, i.e. Public Interest Litigation suit.[5]

The blog has become important in the controversy around the PIL that the Society filed against the Government Of Uttar Pradesh and in reporting about the FIRs launched by the Varanasi administration against the Kautilya Society.[6]

Reporting on the the Work in progress in the Wikimedia Projects

The blog is used for updates and discussions of the work in progress encouraged bu tht Kautilya Society in two Wikimedia projects:

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