Battle of Manila (1258)

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Template:Battles of Manila The legendary Battle of Manila in 1258 (Filipino: Labanan sa Maynila) is recounted in oral histories of the Tagalog people, as documented by Filipino historians Mariano Henson in the 1950s[1]Template:Verify sourceTemplate:Request quotation and Cesar Adib Majul in the 1950s.[2]Template:Verify sourceTemplate:Request quotation It is notable for marking one of the earliest proposed dates for the foundation of the pre-colonial polity at Maynila.[2]Template:Verify sourceTemplate:Request quotation

According to these legends, a Bruneian naval commander named Rajah Ahmad, established pre-colonial Maynila as a Muslim principality in 1258 after defeating its commander, a Majapahit ruler named Anuj Avirjirkaya.[1]Template:Verify sourceTemplate:Request quotation


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