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Benjamin Stewart is an American and French musician. Benjamin is a songwriter and producer for artists and is the frontman multi-instrumentist of Oceans Within. Benjamin Stewart has worked with artists such as Faunea, Kempisdead., and Freddie White Tee.

Musical artist


Early Career (2012-2015)

Benjamin had been in many bands, mostly known for drumming for BlindSky. BlindSky toured around France and Switzerland. During this time, Benjamin took on different names releasing electronic/experimental/ambient music. He released his debut independent record "The Last Light" in 2014 under the name "BenjaminStewart-Val". He then added a space in between "Benjamin" and "Stewart-Val" when he got signed to Electric Wave Records. Under this new named, he released his first label-album entitled "The Dark Path". Benjamin then dumped his label later that year and released a third album independently entitled "Island". In 2015, Benjamin Stewart announced his departure from BlindSky and the end of his solo career by releasing his final album, "Moonlight". The song "Innocence", from the album, peaked in the charts for ambient music.

Oceans Within & Producing Jobs (2015-2016)

Shortly after his departure from BlindSky, Benjamin started a band with Cole Neiderman called "Oceans Within". The band toured France and Switzerland and released their first single on SoundCloud called "Searching For Words". During the tour they remixed a track for Nate Ruess for a contest, in which they won second place, losing to producer Chleo. They publicly congratulated Chleo saying "You definitely deserved it" and Chleo soon responded in thanks. Chleo and Benjamin were rumored to collaborate on a track, however, Benjamin responded to a fan saying "It might not happen."

On July 1, 2016, Oceans Within released their first EP, which was titled after their logo "|Ø|". The EP was released as a finish for the first stage of Oceans Within. The EP contains 3 track composed and recorded by Benjamin an Cole, and 2 tracks recorded by Benjamin on his own. The album was released for digital download and streaming.[1] Benjamin has announced that it will soon be on CD, and "hopefully one day, on vinyl." The band is rumored to announce new members. No band members have been officially announced, however, Benjamin says "This band will continue. It's not ready to be done yet."

Soon after Oceans Within's debut release, Benjamin announced a ambient duo he would soon start. The other member has not been announced yet, however, Benjamin has revealed the title of this project being "World Without Words". In this venture Benjamin will go back to his roots and experiment more with electronic music, however, Benjamin said it would sound, "a lot more ambient this time."

During his career with Oceans Within, Benjamin had some time to produce and write for other artists. He co-wrote some songs with pop singer Faunea, however, Benjamin has said, "I don't think we'll be releasing it-though I am defiantly going to use a couple of these songs on a future record of mine." He released one as a temporary single for charity, called "You Have To Act Now." This single was up for a week and the money gained from the release was donated to the cause of the refugees who were coming into Switzerland at the time. Earlier that year, Benjamin has reconstructed and played keys for rapper Kempisdead.'s single "You Can't Sit With Us". The new version of the single was released February 24, 2016. Later that year, Benjamin participated in producing and mastering rapper Freddie White Tee's debut record, "Pioneer". Not too long later, he mastered another single for Freddie entitled "Nah". Pioneer was released for digital download and streaming, however, "Nah" was released as a Spotify exclusive.

Personal life

Benjamin has also won three awards for short films he has directed. Benjamin Stewart is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.


With Oceans Within

  • |Ø| - EP (2016)

Solo Projects

  • Snow - Single (2015)

Early Years

  • The Last Light (2014)
  • The Dark Path (2015)
  • Island (2015)
  • Moonlight (2016)

Credited Works

  • You Can't Sit With Us by Kempisdead. (arrangement, synthesizers) (2016)
  • Pioneer by Freddie White Tee (mastering) (2016)
  • Nah - Single by Freddie White Tee (mastering) (2016)