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During the many trials of many Motorcycle Clubs the one that garnered the most attention of the US Government was the Hells Angels case in San Francisco starting from 1979 to 1983. The US Government had a secret team known as BET (Biker Enforcement Team). It started with the DAGO Chapter of the Hells Angels, the team whose members included FBI, ATF, DEA, BNE and other agencies. The members were highly secretive and were able to break the law without recourse as long as they targeted the Hells Angels USA. Some of the members were hand picked from, OCCIB, LEIU, CNIN, PDID and the Organized Crime Intelligence unit of the San Diego DA's office under the command of DA Ed Miller and his top associated Richard Lewis, others were Ron Dowen OPI (BET) Scott Barnes (BET-Intelligence records Keeper) J. Kennedy, Fred S. OCCIB and over a dozen others never to be made public.

This unit was very secretive, and it had access to everything and everyone. The unit's operation started in mid 1976 in San Diego and quickly spread Nationwide until it was exposed in approx. 1980, what was learned was 4 BET members wanted to start a Biker War between the Hells Angels and the Mongols. It started in San Diego and quickly spread Statewide and beyond. The plan was hatched in a small town in Calif. Santee near San Diego. What the BET agents did was had 7 Mongol Colors made with the California Rocker on the bottom, knowing the HA's could only have California Rocker, several U/C agents rode bikes wearing the Mongol Colors around HA's did some bombing aganist them, shootings, kidnappings, gun and dope deals all making it appear the Angels were doing this and not the Mongols. [1]  

When they decided also to have several HA's Colors flying and doing crimes against the Mongols, and vise a verse then both Clubs would think War was on, and indeed it was starting in San Diego, El Cajon and Statewide the ploy worked and the war became a reality, setting the HA's into a war with the Mongols the first blatant act was the killing of two Mongols Redbeard and Jingles while they were riding near Escondido. The BET team was the original group to start the war and it worked.[2][3][4]

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