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Bishwo Gautam (Template:Lang-ne) is a Nepalese fashion designer and a fashion entrepreneur.

Early life and education

Bishwo Gautam was born in Kathmandu Nepal, raised in a business-inclined family. He graduated in fashion designing in 2007 from Purbanchal University affiliated with Namuna College of Fashion Technology in Kathmandu Nepal, where he started his career [1] with an internship as early as the second semester of his studies.


Working in the fashion field since 2004 gathering experiences and knowledge. Bishwo Gautam [2] started to participate in fashion shows and different fashion export companies gaining requirements to build his own company until 2008 and then he registered his own company and established his own brand in 2008 which started exporting his designs to many parts of Europe and America. Since then he has pursued his career getting things done to improve the fashion industry of Nepal. It was only in 2011 when Bishwo Gautam known as Designer BG made history in the fashion world of Nepal by hosting his own solo show. Which led to a path where he started to create his designs, which were worn, by many celebrities, actors, and actresses including high clienteles.

Fashion Shows

Gautam [3] has participated in a lot of fashion shows since he started his journey. In 2009, he did Journey of Fashion and Saree. Likewise, in 2010, he participated in Craze of colors and Gown Show. He has also organized a solo show called Lead of Fusion in 2011. Purity in Feminity and Cozy Vogue were the other fashion shows by him in 2013.[4]

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