Bubba Effect

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The "Bubba Effect" is a worst-case scenario described by United States Army (Ret.) Command Sgt. Major Tim Strong during a discussion December 22, 2009 on the Glenn Beck Program.[1]

Strong explained that in times of widespread civil unrest, a possible scenario might be a general breakdown of government authority where dissatisfied citizens come to believe that the government has become overbearing and is not acting in their best interests. They lose confidence in government and government authority.

In response to perceived government incompetence and rising tension, an incident occurs in which a neighborhood 'good ol' boy'- 'Bubba'- responds with violence. When the authorities try to apprehend Bubba, his neighbors, even though they know Bubba's act of violence was wrong, take justice into their own hands, rather than allow what they perceive as a corrupt or incompetent government to arrest him. The already bad situation deteriorates even further, possibly leading to out-of-control violence.[2]

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