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Buldana Urban Cooperative Credit Society was formed on 15 August 1986. Chairman Mr.Radheshyamji Chandak started it with capital of 210 USD and only 72 members. In short span of 27 years and mainly in last decade with the help of breakout innovations by its managing director Dr Sukesh Zamwar society has grown to size of 1.1 billion dollar business with more than half a million (700000) membership a Area of operation is mainly in central and western India in almost 4 states of India.. Now society has 331 branches and 5000 employee and 300 ware houses. Total built up area for ware hoses is 5,000,000 sq feet and capacity of 435,000 metric ton. Present in most of the metro cities of India and also in rural area and this hybridization helps us to grow faster and Buldana urban become more people friendly. International community also acclaim Buldana Urban as Dr Sukesh Zamwar managing director buldana urban becomes the chairman of international cooperative alliance Asia pacific youth committee.

Working area of buldana Urban.

Awards and Achievements

Credit union micro-finance innovation award given by Asian confederation of credit union in Manila by International coop alliance chairman Pauline green. Best cooperative credit society award by apex body of Indian cooperative ,National cooperative union of India in 2008 and in 2013. Managing director of Buldana urban becomes chairman of International cooperative alliance Asia pacific youth committee. India coordinator of Asian Confederation Of credit union.


It's business activities are versatile but mainly are in ware house loan business, gold loan business, industrial finance, infrastructure finance business, Housing loan and vehicle loan business and individual loan business as well as in education loan also. Loan portfolio is highest for warehouse and gold loan, industrial loan and infrastructure loan follows as well. But keeping in mind that lending will not be the sole business of credit union but credit union must do something for people or member for whom it is working and then start the rise of social banking.

Success Story

Now coming to success story of Buldana urban is mainly because of two breakout innovation i.e four pillar system and social banking. Society used to use highest quality of technology for banking as well as for other activity. India is a very big country and filled with diversified people and huge rural as well as urban population. For controlling such a huge mass of members around 700000 scattered in four states and 5000 employees we need world class technology infrastructure and fortunately that Society have.

Breakout Innovation

1.Four pillar system-(PRINCIPLE) All the money in the world goes to banks. 2.Social banking-(PRINCIPLE)Peoples money should be utilized for well being of people.


All of branches are connected by core banking network and Buldana urban have its own data center and core banking software. Society providing facilities of debit card, internet banking and mobile valet to customer. With the help of this society can give better services to our members and have a strong monitoring system in place. Real time money transfer and online warehousing. All customers have SMS alert system and if customer wants we can give him internet banking and Toll free number.

Buldana Urban Warehouse

There are 300 warehouses in ownership of Buldana Urban. Total area of warehoses is 5 million sq. feet. Warehouses help farmers to store his goods and as warehouses also provide cleaning and grading facilities and most importantly help in forward and backward linkages for farmers. It's warehouses are also connected with core warehousing network and all are scientifically build and have video monitoring system to monitor the commodities stored in those warehouses. Warehouses are fireproof and well guarded. In India still banking sector is lagging behind so to reach unbanked in rural area we have started mobile banking van and with the help of this van we used to cater unbanked customer.

Buldana Urban Loan

1. Gold Loan 2. Warehouse Loan 3. Term Loan 4. Cash Credit Loan 5. Farmer Loan 6. other Loan, Personal Loan, Crop Loan, Vehicle Loan, LFDR Loan

About Social Banking

What is social banking? Principle of Social banking With this principle Society start working and Society got tremendous success. First thing Society start doing is looking for people’s requirement and trying to fulfill them. To start with Society put foundation stone of . Society have started an English medium school in 2001 and now have 21 schools and 17000 students are taking education in those schools. Students get the world class education facility, digital education and physical training also. Majority of it's schools are in rural area so poor rural students get the opportunity to have world class education system. Sahakar Viday Mandir used to teach these students paragliding, aeronautical training, software training and robotics as well. Some schools are boarding schools and for those schools we provide excellent hostel facility, we used to give our students organic and healthy food.

Social Activities

As Buldana urban grows to this size obligations of Buldana urban are growing towards society and so now it has bigger and better things to do. In this contest society is adopting 120 villages of aggregate population 250000 and making them self sufficient. Society is builds Green Villages. These villages run on non conventional energy like solar, wind, or biomass or bio-gas.Limited use of fossil fuel. Society providing education in these villages, providing adequate loan facility, provide health insurance, life insurance and good sanitation, good health facility, good infrastructure like roads, drainage facility and water storage. so that they and their children will have better life in future. And can make this world healthy and green.

Infrastructure Development

Buldana urban has build a road of 74 kilometer in length between . It is a toll road and having two tolls for collection. The cost for the construction and toll matches with the economics of development and road will be free in 20 years period and credit union is getting toll every day and infrastructure development is occurring automatically. Hundreds of jobs are created while constructing road and now many people are employed for toll as well for maintenance of road. We did 50000 tree plantation by the side of road and develop many infrastructure by the side of road like, restaurants and shops and from those things also we are getting revenue. Now we have build one three star hotel in Buldana Urban used for residential as well as for marriages and other functions in town. Low cost hosing also help to build the infrastructure for poor and needy. Along with private developer we used to build low cost housing for about 6000 families at different locations and 30000 people get benefited from it. Also provide loan facility to needy to have his own home. Now in coming days we are tying with govt. organizations, NGOs and private developers for building low cost housing.

Religious Activities and Guest Houses

Buldana has build 5 guest house for his member at religious places like . It has capacity of around 500 pilgrims at these places and all guest houses are well managed and booked in advance for 60 days. Idea behind this is as India is a very religious place so people used to do pilgrimage and our members should have facility at these places, secondly credit society branches can act as booking center for these guest houses. So credit union gets the income and a facility is also created for members. In India cow is a sacred animal and peoples worship cow and so build 2 big cow shelters for 700 cows. File:Bundana Urban Corporate.webm

Health and green infrastructure

having 19 ambulances on highway and give services to needy, almost doing health insurance of 50000 and more People, also having mortuary vans at some places. having mobile clinics for rural area and through these mobile clinics up till 100000 have done their checkups. promote organic and collective farming and provide them farm instrument like harvester, diggers and excavators. promote solar power and 7 of our branches run on solar power along with the data center. solar power equipment through our branch network and provide loan to customers for solar equipment. plant 50000 trees every year for environmental protection.

Buldana Urban Industries

Buldana along with its subsidiaries successfully running many industries 1) Pharmaceutical company manufacturing anticancer drug 2) Mineral water plant. 3) Cleaning and grading units at warehouses with modern day packing facility. 4) Sugar factory 5) Milling of pulses 6) Soybean Seed plant. 7) Innovative village development program


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