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The Bundy militia[1][2][3] is a loosely formed militant organization based in Clark County, Nevada, USA. Cliven Bundy initially formed the Bundy militia[2] to fight against the United States Government in its effort to roundup and seize his illegally grazing cattle under a court order. The aims of the Bundy Militia were then expanded to include efforts to disarm US Government law enforcement and capture lands from US Government to turn over to the State of Nevada. The militia[2] mobilized for its first armed confrontations in 2014 against government law enforcement officers who were protecting government roundup contractors.


In March 2014, after Cliven Bundy lost a second court case in a 20 year court battle, he sent letters entitled "Range War Emergency Notice and Demand for Protection" to county, state, and federal officials. In media interviews, Bundy used the language of the sovereign citizen movement as a rallying call, beckoning support [4] from members of the Oath Keepers[4], the White Mountain Militia[4], the Praetorian Guard[4], and other like-minded individuals to join his fight. Armed militants from Nevada, Idaho, Arizona, California, and other areas responded with a show of force[5] by joining the Bundy Militia at a heavily armed militia camp near Bunkerville, Nevada in early April 2014.

Formation and Leadership

Clive Bundy formed, called up, and founded the Bundy Militia. Other members of the militia have assumed leadership roles in the battalion formation actions and armed conflicts, including Richard Mack, and Cliven Bundy's son, Ammon Bundy.[4] Newcomers to the armed camp were met by a large banner directing militia to "sihgn up here" at a table set up near the parking area. Approximately 1000 militia members and supporters joined the fight. [6]

Distinctive Style and Appearance

Members of the Bundy Militia distinctively wear camouflage military uniforms, protective vests and battle gear during armed conflicts. Some Bundy Militia dress in blue plaid shirts, blue denim jeans, and cowboy boots, emulating the cowboy style of leader Clive Bundy. Many carry sidearms slung low on their hip with leather holsters in old west style. Some of the Bundy Militia are horse-mounted, moving in western cavalry formation style, waving flags and wielding guns.

Weaponry and Armaments Used

Bundy Militia is well-armed and has displayed a wide variety of handguns and long guns during conflicts. The armaments wielded or displayed in Bundy Militia actions include: revolvers, semi-automatic handguns, semi-automatic hunting rifles, pump action shotguns, AR-15 style assault rifle weapons with large capacity magazines. Status of other armaments controlled by the militia is unknown.

Flags, Insignia, Slogans, or Identifying Markings

The Gadsden Flag

The Bundy Militia flies the Gadsden flag, also known as the Don't Tread On Me flag which dipicts a yellow field with a rattlesnake coiled and ready to strike. Various types of slogans and markings appear on the T-shirts of the militia members. Patches on militia uniforms include the Gadsden flag and the American flag. Banners appear to show slogans such as "The West Was Won" and "The Fight Has Begun".

Demands and Objectives

At the Bundy Militia camp in Nevada, a stage with a public address system was set up for rallies. During one of the rallies, Cliven Bundy presented and read of a written list of militia demands to law enforcement officers present. The Bundy Militia demands the immediate disarmament of all US Federal Government officers in the area. The militia demands the teardown of all US Park Service entry booths.[2] The militia demands that US Federal Government lands in the area be handed over to the State of Nevada.[2] Bundy threatened militia actions to take matters into their own hands if their demands were not met within a short period of time.[2]

Armed Conflicts and Confrontations

Around 10 April 2014, law enforcement officers were dispatched in response to the growing armed camp of Bundy Militia, alleged threats against local businesses, and alleged threatening statements by Bundy, such as calling for a "range war". Several armed confrontations ensued, with Bundy Militia members taking up sniper positions and wielding handguns.

On 12 April, a militia attack on a roundup corral[5] was organized by Cliven Bundy. Militia snipers took up parapet positions along concrete highway barriers and rocky abutments. Militia snipers pointed long guns at law enforcement personnel during a hostile interaction at a cattle corral under a bridge on Interstate 15 at geographic coordinates Template:Coord. Militia members on foot wielded assault weapons against cars and trucks on Interstate 15 to stop traffic at geographic coordinates Template:Coord. The militia organized the use of human shields at the front of their column, consisting of a row of unarmed women and children. A force of 1000 militia members[6] faced off about a dozen law enforcement officers[5] issuing tear gas warnings by vehicle loudspeakers.

The use of force of arms in these conflicts elevated the Bundy Militia to the status of a Violent Non-State Actor. They have been called domestic terrorists.[3]

Media Coverage

Many media outlets covered the Bundy Militia actions with text, image, and video[6] .

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